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I was hooked on Formula 1 in one of its most iconic eras. I was 15 years old at that time and was glued to my old tube tv set for 16 weekends to see which of the greats, Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna, would take the ultimate prize of being crowed Formula 1 World Champion. Then I saw Nigel Mansell win a championship with the Williams team powered by a Renault engine. But my love for the sport was fundamentally embedded in my DNA when a young man named Michael Schumacher put his underperforming Jordan car in the fourth row (7th) in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. The rest is history! Since that time, this sport has given us a stream of extremely talented drivers, such as Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo (come on mate, eat more snails and frogs legs and we’ll be sweet), Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. And today, it’s YOUR time to put your name in the annals of one of the most exciting motor sports in the world, in F1 2019 Anniversary Edition!

F1 2019 Anniversary Edition is a racing game developed and published by Codemasters in June 28th on the Steam platform. 

What a fantastic game this is! Here you are at the edge of winning your first Grand prix . . . the question is, how will you do it? Will you be daring enough to participate in the entire Formula 1 2018 season, or just pick out one iconic destination, such as Monaco, Silverstone, Monza, Hockenheim, or maybe a newcomer such as the Baku circuit. Well, it will be all up to you in F1 2019!

For me, I had to jump into the thick of it and launch a career, the one I always dreamed of.  To my surprise, I was learning my skills in the F2 championship for a few races. Then I could choose which team to drive for. Personally, I could not resist to drive for the iconic prancing horse, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

From here, the Formula 1 starts in Melbourne Australia. You’ll have to go through three practice sessions, qualifying (one shot or session depending on your choice) and the actual race, of course. In the practice sessions, you’ll have to work on programs which will earn you points which you can use in the research and development section within your workstation area. The workstation will appear at the start of each grand prix and then again at the end of each session. Earn points and upgrade your car at the end of each session, if you can. 

As you go through the practices and qualifying sessions (one stop or the full three sessions, up to you), you’ll finally be placed on the Formula grid and it will be all up to you to win the race.

There are plenty of things for you to look at during a race. The first thing is your driving line, but you’ll need to make sure your car is running efficiently. For that, you need to check out your wheels, engines, front and back wings and most importantly, what are your rivals’ lap times and where are they placed within the race?

However, there are more things to do. As you finish a Grand Prix, you’ll be invited to participate in retro events which will increase your reputation. The other way to increase reputation is to answer the journalists between each of the Grand Prix sessions.

In terms of the gameplay, my almighty God this is brilliant! I personally love the sensation of speed  in Monaco and Baku - just amazing! The other circuits are fabulous but the feeling on the street circuits is just marvellous!

In any case, when you finish a race, you will either be invited to a classic event or you might end up renegotiating your contract.

I must say that I invested in a full wheel setup just because I love to get the full experience in this type of game, and I’m glad I did. You can definitely play with a gamepad, but it is not the same as using a full wheel system. Don’t get me wrong, it is still fine with a gamepad, but you won’t have the same experience, in my opinion.

In terms of the multiplayer aspect, I can’t really comment at this point, but I can tell you that I have joined a league in Australia for races and I am looking for to it. The downside to me is the livery car customisation - it’s very poor.

Fabulous graphics and you have the full F1 drill with commentators and music. Definitely a game for fans of the motorsport.


+ Fabulous graphics
+ Full 2018 Formula 1 Season
+ Classic events
+ Achievements


- No trading cards

Review Summary

It’s your time to write your own Formula 1 history in F1 2019 Anniversary Edition!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10