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Have you ever wondered about the simulation theory? Is life as we know it only a computer simulation? What would it be like to take your last breath and suddenly wake up in unfamiliar settings? How would it feel to meet your long-lost friends again? Would you even remember the life you had before you entered the simulation? This is the premise for SquareHusky’s game. Everafter Falls is published by Akupara Games and is SquareHusky’s first project on Steam.

Despite the game’s cute and cozy aesthetic, it starts tragically. It’s just a typical day, and you are crossing the street. But today something is different - as you prepare to cross the street a car hits you... You wake up in a strange house, and a pet cat is sitting by your side. Even though you’ve forgotten everything about him, he is your faithful friend and is happy to see you. You don’t recognize your surroundings, and everything feels foreign. Your long-lost friends, Dog and Fin are there in the room with you. Dog explains that you were in a simulation of Earth. It seems you’ve done that a couple times already, even if you have no memories of it. This all seems very strange to you, but you are curious. The place is beautiful, and the people are so nice to you that you decide to stay and see where it goes.

Everafter Falls is a farming simulator with RPG elements. Its style is very similar to Stardew Valley. It uses WASD movement with keybinds for other actions. You can also play it using a controller. You can farm, fish, forage, and mine or you can even catch bugs. There are dungeons you can visit too. There are four in total where you will encounter different types of monsters and bosses to fight. The map is not very big, however there is so much to do on this small map that the size doesn’t hinder the gameplay.

Those who like collecting everything a game has to offer will be happy with Everafter Falls’ bounty. There are so many collectibles to gather: fish, bugs, shells and so much more. You can see the fruits of your labour in the museum and the aquarium. Similar to Animal Crossing, you donate one of each of the collectibles to display. Everafter Falls takes it one step further by adding different ways to display these collections in your house, and it even has books that you can buy to keep track. Additionally you can decorate your home to your heart’s content. There are hundreds of items and ways to personalize your house. You can rearrange your shelves to display your prized possessions and there is even a print shop where you can get some posters printed. There are so many options that after playing for several hours I have yet to see all of them.

As I have already mentioned, this game has a lot of similarities with Stardew Valley, but thankfully there are also many novel mechanics that make it unique. Unlike other farming sims, in Everafter Falls most of the hard work is done by your loyal pet cat. You only have to show him where to work and he will till, dig and water your field. You don’t have to carry all those farming tools around which means that you have extra room in your inventory for the important stuff. Later in the game, you also unlock some drones that help to automate some of the farming. In fact this game has tons of machines to help you with all your needs. Your pet is always by your side and ready to help with anything. Whether it be fighting monsters or helping with getting rid of extra stuff in your inventory, it is always there. The fishing is also unlike other farm sims. When the fish get hooked an overlay of the reel opens. The goal is to get the different reels’ opening to match. If you achieve this, you receive an ‘extra prize’ in addition to the fish you caught. It’s obviously more luck-based than skills-based at the start, but eventually you obtain some mods that make it easier to pull off. Not everyone will enjoy this mini-game, but I found it interesting. Throughout the game, you will earn cards that give you and your pet special abilities and perks. Before you can gain these abilities though, you will have to eat the card. Yes, you heard that right! I hope your character likes cardboard because there are a lot of cards to consume.

Everafter Falls is visually remarkable. I love the colourful backgrounds and the lively characters. They are easy to like, very relatable and they have funny dialogue. It’s great to see a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and constantly pokes fun at itself. There are many instances where the characters break the fourth wall and it’s sure to make you laugh. If you would rather play with a friend, there is even a coop mode. If playing alone is more your thing and you like to play on the go, Everafter Falls is fully optimized for the Steamdeck.

Everafter Falls’ gameplay in general is more relaxed than your typical farming simulator. There is no stamina or energy bar so you can do as much farming as you want to without worrying about keeping track of how much energy you have lost. If you want to add a little action to your day, you can simply visit the dungeons to fight some monsters and grab some loot. Overall, I had a great time just wandering around speaking to Everafter Falls’ inhabitants and hunting for all the collectibles. I found it a great way to relax after a long day. The map is not exceedingly big, but it’s condensed so every part of it is packed. Looking at it at the start felt a bit overwhelming. The map is very busy because it shows everything and where everyone is, so unfortunately, due to the small size, it can be hard to see everything. Luckily there is a zooming feature, and eventually I learned my way around, so it became easier.

There is so much to love in Everafter Falls. It has some stunning artwork and a chilled soundtrack. Its classic style is enhanced with some clever mechanics and a great story. For the collectors out there, there are tons of items to find. The best feature is that you can use almost everything to decorate your house. I hope it will continue to grow because there is tremendous potential. Everafter Falls is a must-have in any farming sims lovers’ library!

Review written by VEE for Zeepond.com

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+ Unique mechanics
+ Gorgeous art style
+ Fun, lighthearted characters
+ Tons of collectibles
+ Coop mode


- Some fetch quests
- Map is a little busy

Review Summary

Everafter Falls is a gorgeous game with humorous dialogue and fun novel mechanics. This is one experience you won’t want to miss.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10