Dungeons of Edera


On the main menu screen, you will have the option of two Game Modes: Campaign and Dungeon Runner. Dungeon Runner Mode allows you to jump straight into the dungeons with a random character; you’ll be able to unlock every talent, death is permanent, and 15% of any gold collected is transferred to your stash.

The Campaign Mode will take you through the story of Dungeons of Edera. For years the Oswary Empire has ruled the continent of Edera. They kept peace among the numerous factions who lived within the borders of Edera with fair leadership and representation. However, as time went by the Emperors became corrupted with greed and power, and peace did not last for long. Campaign after campaign for new lands and wealth were made by the Oswary Empire, demanding more and more from their subjects until they reached a point of no return. The factions of the north then come together and march into the heartland of the empire to put an end to the greed and power of the Oswary Empire.

Chapter One - Forgotten Grudges begins with you being asked if you’re ok, and told to go check to see if there is anyone else left alive. Scovis also tells you to see what you can salvage and gives you a weapon taken from the Oswary dogs who may still be around in the area. You can ask some questions to Scovis about what is currently happening, which will help you understand what is going off. Your first goal is to search the town for survivors; from here the tutorial will explain what to do.

After completing your first goal of looking for survivors and dispatching any Oswary troops you come across, Scovis asks you if you want revenge for your parent's deaths. You have the choice of Yes or No; I’m not sure what happens if you say No as I chose Yes, because who wouldn’t want to avenge your parent’s? Scovis has military experience but he’s not a spring chicken anymore, unlike you, but with his help he’ll show you how to wage war against the Oswary.

From this point you’ll be able to customise your character.  You have the choice of three Factions: the Arbidum, Sufract and Wakara. You can customise your character’s features (Head, Face, Eye Colour, Hair and Name) or you can randomise how your character looks. You can also choose your clothes, (top and pants) and whether or not you want to play in Hardcore mode. Once you have finished customising your character, you find yourself in what will become your base camp. New characters will appear here with whom you can interact, buy items, train, and hire folks to accompany you as you travel into the dungeons.

Scovis is one of the characters you can interact with; talking with him will allow you to do quests which follow the game’s story. The quests he offers you will have some information about what you must do and the rewards you’ll gain for completing the quest. There are also three Difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. The difficulty you choose will determine the rewards you’ll gain. Selecting Easy will accord you two hundred Experience points, Fifty Gold and a random Common Item, while selecting Medium difficulty will gain you three hundred Experience Points and Seventy-Five Gold and a random Uncommon Item. Hard will give you four hundred Experience Points, one hundred Gold and a random Rare Item. You can find more quests on the notice board when it’s available and you may find some characters who require you to do a quest for them.

In the top left corner of the screen you’ll find your Health, Stamina and Mana status bars. Your current objectives are below your health etcetera. Along the bottom of your screen you’ll see your current Weapons, Off-Hand Item (Shield and Wands) Quick Slots for your Potions and Skills.

There are different types of weapons you can use: one-handed or two-handed, along with bows and off-hand weapons. Not all weapon types are available to you right away, such as bows and some two-hand weapons. You will have to unlock these types as you progress by hiring new characters who can train you to use those weapons.

While you’re out on a quest and defeating enemies, they’re may be dropped weapons, armour, gold, rings or amulets. You can collect these and store them in a chest back at base camp. However, if you should die, then you’ll lose any items collected, including any weapons or items with which you have equipped your character. You can only carry so much before you become over encumbered; if this happens you’ll be moving slowly until you reduce your load.

As you progress collecting experience points, your character will level up. Each time they level up you’ll gain Talent Points that you can use in one of four Talents (abilities) categories: Common, Arbidum, Sufract and Wakara. You can also gain Perks (Boons) by defeating a Boss of a dungeon and then activating a Shrine. Hidden somewhere in the dungeon is a swirling ball of light; this is the gateway to the Boss.

The options consist of Video  (Window Mode, V-Sync, Dynamic Resolution, FPS, Resolution Scale and Gamma), Graphics (Motion Blur, View Distance, Antialiasing Quality, Shadows, Post Process, Texture Quality, Effects Quality and Foliage Quality), Mouse & Keyboard (Sensitivity, Invert Mouse, Keybinds, General), Language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese).


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com! 


+ Looks good
+ Multiple combat styles
+ Plenty of quests
+ Lots of loot
+ Has achievements


- Had the game crash on me once
- Can be frustrating at times
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Restore Edera to its former glory, take on the Oswary Empire and battle hordes of monsters as you crawl through the Dungeons of Edera.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10