Dragon Iris


In a world of fantasy, where many species inhabit both the physical and spiritual world, is a place called Trae. Among these species there are two which dominate over all the others, Humans and Dragons (Shiwi). Both live their lives differently; humans strive for advancement and technology within the physical world of matter, while the dragons are more spiritual in their beliefs and seek knowledge.

As humans you play as Dante, a martial artist student, who after five years of training is now finally about to graduate, but first he must complete the final exam. So, you head off to your master’s school to take part in the final exam in the belief that you’re the best martial artist in Trae. Once there you’ll have to prove yourself, showing that not only that you can fight, but that you can use your head and fight strategically. Your goal of becoming the best martial artist in Trae is so that you can join the HAF (Human Attack Force) and protect those who can’t protect themselves.

As a Shiwi (dragon) you’ll play as Ziei, The Chosen One, where you’ve been trained from birth to become the most important of all the Shiwi. To prove you’re ready for the long journey ahead of you, you must travel to the Zeshiei-Wivu (spirit world) where you’ll prove that you are ready to fulfil your duty to the Shiwi. The Shiwi seek knowledge and this is the job of the Chosen One, to go and travel the world of Trae, collecting knowledge to help them better understand the world, so as to keep a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. The world is out of balance, Ziei learns while in the Zeshiei-Wivu, and nobody knows what the cause is; all they know is that an evil force is present. So, you head off into the unknown to search for knowledge and to restore the balance.

The game isn’t very big; there are only two chapters (human and dragons) to play through now, so it’s a little short. However, the developer is making more chapters and different game modes for the future, which will be free to you so you can continue the story. Another thing - I had the game crash on me a few times, it would just freeze. I could hear everything, but that was it, and it always seemed to happen after a fight and where I was unable to save the game, so I’d have to replay the fight once again as there is no auto-save. Other than these couple of things, the game’s not too bad; I’ll look forward to the new chapters when they arrive.


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com!


+ Nice story
+ Decent music


- Crashed a few times
- Only two chapters currently
- No achievements
- No cards yet

Review Summary

Delve in to a world of humans and dragons, learning about their history and relationship with each other in the land of Trae.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10