Devious Dungeon


Welcome to the fantasy medieval universe of Devious Dungeon, a casual pixel graphic, hack & slash dungeon crawler with RPG elements. Taking control of the King’s Knight, you will be tasked with cleansing the dungeons that are situated below the worlds of the minions of evil, who have overtaken the dungeons. Many fantastical beasts dwell within the bowels of the dungeons, and their powers and strengths are varied. Dispatch them to the land of the dead, collecting coins that they drop to purchase upgrades. Find the necessary keys to open the portal to the next level, then clear the levels before you leave for more money in order to upgrade. Fight your way through the levels till you face the bosses at the ends of the worlds. With an XP system to increase your stats as well the purchasable upgrades, you will battle and complete missions to build your strength and fight your way to the boss levels. The randomized levels mean no two games are ever the same; there is no getting stuck on a single level over and over again!

Released on Aug 16, 2019, by the developer Woblyware Oy, Ratalaika Games S.L. and published by GrabTheGames, Ratalaika Games S.L., it is tagged as RPG, Indie, Adventure, Action, Platformer, to which I have added Hack & Slash, and Casual. It features simplistic pixel graphics and pleasant sound effects, with 5 worlds to conquer through 68 levels of hack & slash action, tons of monsters and loot to collect as well as secrets to discover. A huge amount of gear and weapons to upgrade, as well as XP system and quests. Powerful bosses to overcome at the end of each world. Partial controller support is included (I preferred controller use over keyboard and mouse for the title). Graphic settings and Controller bindings are set in the launcher.

A fun casual game for almost any player; not overly challenging or repetitive with the randomized levels. Building up your character may take a few deaths. I had a lot of fun building up all my gear and stats. I tried to always clear every dungeon, collecting all the coins and finding every secret I could in order to gain every advantage over the enemies. I liked the art for the monsters and wizards and all the other nasties the games sent my way; learning their attacks and strengths was fun! I may not play through as fast as many of you will, as I love to search out everything I can, finding all the li’l secrets as I gather all the goodies. All you casual gamers who like hack & slash dungeon crawls will love it! Never played one? Give it a try - the amount of playtime for the cost is fair.

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+ Fun Casual Gameplay
+ Nicely Done Pixel Artwork
+ Steam Achievements
+ Partial Controller Support


- No Full Controller Support
- No Steam Trading Cards (as of yet)

Review Summary

Devious Dungeons: A Cute & Casual Pixelated Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawler that is Fun for Players of All Ages.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10