Detective Sherlock Pug


Hell has broken loose on the city of Oddopolis. The Evil Monster Skindiver is ravaging the city, and the police are hopeless and without any idea of how to save the city.  Well, there is this one detective who might be able to be of assistance. His name is Detective Sherlock Pug! You see, his safe is full of devices seized from super villains, and he remembered one especially; the telepathic Japanese helmet, which can call upon superheroes when put on. However, you never know who is going to come to the rescue. Time to find out, Dr. Dogson, in Detective Sherlock Pug!

Detective Sherlock Pug is a hidden objects game, developed and published by Crisp App Studio. You’ll be helping Sherlock Pug to defeat the Monster Skindiver and save the city of Oddopolis.

The game consists of 18 slides with a mixture of hidden objects; reconstruct an image and position objects on a canvas as well. This time around, Crisp App Studio introduced a minimum requirement to proceed to the next slide. Like all their previous games, you can earn up to three stars if you manage to find all the objects in rapid succession and score a significant number of points. Here, you must earn a minimum of two stars to progress to the next picture in your first playthrough. They have also implemented a time sequence which only occurs on the slides where you must position objects in a certain way, and complete the puzzle as fast as you can to get the highest score.  Mind you, these slides can be a bit frustrating as you have no indication as to where to put your first, and sometimes your second, object on the canvas without using the help button.

What I like in this game is the cartoon-style illustrations that are your gameplay slides and are also a part of the story, just like a comic book. There are a few light comical aspects in the game, which are mostly intended for a young-ish audience.

One thing that Crisp App Studio does very well, in my opinion, is the way they blend objects within each of the slides. They are neither too hard nor too easy to find, regardless what age group you are in.

A leaderboard is also present, as you would expect from this developer; it’s always fun to beat your friends if you are of a competitive nature.

I really think this game would be fun to play with your youngest, as they would really like the theme and the characters of the game, while definitely needing an old fart like you to help them spot some of the items within the canvas.

Graphically, the cartoon-style illustrations are well done, and the story is fun, especially for a young audience. In terms of the soundtrack, it’s nice and very appropriate for this genre of game. I do feel that the game is very short, despite the fact that you can replay each slide, or even the entire game, with other objects to spot.


+ Nice cartoon illustrations
+ Fun story for younger audience
+ Achievements


- No trading cards as yet
- A bit too short

Review Summary

A fun hidden object game with great cartoon-style illustrations to play with your children!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10