Destroy All Humans


The Furon Empire is well-known within the entire Galaxy for its ruthless strength and longevity as a race, thanks to cloning. How do I know this? Well, my name is Crypto-007, and I was sent to the planet Earth ages ago to infiltrate and spy on the human race. But I can’t really remember exactly when it was that I landed on the planet! You see, when someone is repeatedly cloned, the DNA somehow suffers, and in my case, my memory was affected. Pox, one of the highest Lieutenants in the Furon Empire, gave me a telecommunications device in order to remain in direct contact with him at any given time, but I forgot the planetary code on my way down to earth. I thought I would never talk to a fellow Furon again. That is, until now; apparently the US government shot down a flying saucer with a Nuclear missile upon take off! So I’m using my Holobob to disguise myself as a human and I’ve infiltrated Area 42 to find out more about it. I was so excited to see a Furon flying machine, but sad that Crypto 136 didn’t make it. I wonder what sort of issues he had with his DNA? Anyway, it seems that another Furon flying saucer has been seen in the last couple of days. I think that is it; the invasion has begun! I am proud to be part of the Furon Empire, because today . . . we are going to destroy all humans!

Destroy All Humans is a third person (Alien) action/adventure game developed by Black Forest Game and published by THQ Nordic on the Steam Platform on the 28th of July 2020. The game is also available on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.  

The game will take place in six locations across the USA during the year 1950. Each location has several missions, and you will revisit some of these places a few times in the story mode. As you complete all the missions in each of the areas, you’ll unlock 4 challenges which you can play alongside the story mode (or whenever you feel like it). Personally, I played the challenges as soon as they were available, for the simple reason that I could receive more DNA points and use them to upgrade Crypto-137’s weapons, skills and flying saucer faster, which gave me an advantage as I moved on through the story.

Pox will be sitting happily and safely in the mothership somewhere on Earth’s orbit and will start giving you orders via a hologram. At the start of the game, Crypto-137 will only have a few weapons at his disposal for himself and for his flying saucer.  He will be able to electrocute we humans with a Zap-o-Matic weapon, scan and retrieve our thoughts with the cortex scan ability, and somehow extract human brains and retrieve a few DNA points after our heads explode. But as you move on through the story, you’ll receive several new weapons and goodies. I couldn’t stop laughing when I received the Anal Probe weapon, which allows Crypto-137 to extract a human brain from a distance in a very unorthodox way. (On that point, a variation of this probe has proven very beneficial these days, as it is used to detect dreadful cancers in we humans, especially men, and continues to save many lives.  Just make sure that the surgeon’s first name is not Crypto, followed by a surname of numbers!)

Each map is relatively large, and as you progress within the story the missions will become harder, and Crypto will need to be able to blend in undetected among the humans in order to move from one place to another. So to do that, he will need to become human himself by using the Holobob skill. That involves scanning a human to take his/her image, but he needs to make sure he hasn’t been seen by other humans while doing it. Then it is imperative to avoid policemen or army personnel as they will likely see through his disguise. Mind you, Crypto’s disguise will disappear after a while anyway, but it will increase if he is near a policeman or a soldier. When detected, all hell will break loose, and your faithful alien might become a brain-removal surgeon!  There are a few other abilities and weapons, but I’ll leave them for you to discover.  

Most of the missions will be on foot, but quite a few of them will involve Crypto using his flying saucer and let me tell you, these missions are super fun. As I mentioned earlier on, as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock challenges in each of the locations. These challenges are: Armageddon (where you have to destroy as many buildings and lives as possible - human and animal - in a short period of time), Abduction (where you have to gather a certain number of lives or items in a short period of time), Rampage (where you have to kill as many humans or animals in a short period of time) and the Race (where you have to follow a probe that drops DNA data that you have to collect, as well as capturing the probe, within the time limit). If you manage to get 3 golden stars for your trouble, you’ll receive additional DNA points.

Regardless of whether you play the story mode or the challenges, each map will have hidden probes which you have to find. Every time you find one, you’ll receive 100 DNA points for your trouble. More DNA points in the Crypto bank account equals more upgrade possibilities (I forgot to mention, each brain extract will give an extra 25 DNA points). I have a feeling that we will have an influx of brain-removal surgeons in the next few days; I indeed became one of them!  All upgrades are available on the mothership screen between each of the missions and after completing a challenge. Bear in mind that each upgrade will cost a certain number of DNA points.

The graphics are stunning, and the 1950’s atmosphere that they managed to replicate is just amazing.  The story is terrific, and the dialogue is hilarious. The game runs very well, and you can play with your mouse and keyboard or with a gamepad. It will take you around 7 to 8 hours to finish the story mode.


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+ Fabulous graphics
+ Great atmosphere
+ Great story with funny dialogue
+ Mission difficulty increases as you progress
+ Upgradable weapons and skills
+ Achievements


- I wanted more missions!

Review Summary

Destroy All Humans: An hilarious third alien (person) shooter that will keep you entertained for hours!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10