As one of the best underwater videographers of your time, you have been commissioned by the ALTA Corporation to document the discovery of meteoric debris that hold a new source of clean energy deep in the Arctic seabed. Accompanied by two of their employees, your dive was as smooth as it could be, until several explosions occurred above your party creating an instant and extreme current underneath you. That’s all you remember until the ATLAS ROV Squid woke you up deep in underwater Arctic caves. With minimal energy and oxygen, you must find your way up to the surface or become a new addition to the Arctic sea floor!

Debris is a first person / action underwater game where you play the videographer, Ryan, who is stuck in deep Arctic caverns.

As you start the game, you’ll see a good cut-scene of the party swimming within the cavities of the Arctic caverns. After the explosion, you’ll be woken up by the Squids ROV controlled by one of the other members of your diving expedition, who is also trapped somewhere in the caverns. The ROV will basically guide you with its light through the dark and dangerous cavities. At first, all you’ll have is nineteen minutes of energy (oxygen) left in your tank and nothing else at your disposal. You are in a deep . . . deep . . . predicament. Don’t despair, you’ll find a tool (weapon) very quickly within the caves. With it, you’ll be able to shoot flares and blue laser pulses to eliminate medium-sized fish and sharks. However, it will cost you a certain number of energy points each time you do so which will decrease your energy bar. Most of the medium fish will be guarding the debris which are glowing yellow rocks. You must eliminate all of these fish before the ROV Squid can get close to them and harvest their energy. After that, you can transfer some of the energy from the ROV to yourself. This action is called “equalise.” There are a few other obstacles to worry about during your game play; for example, the Jelly fish, which you can’t kill but which will inflict quite a bit of damage if they touch you, or these massive fish who will attack you if you swim in front of them.

Graphically, debris looks great!  I really enjoy the atmosphere in this game, I truly felt that I was trapped underwater. I think this game could be fabulous in a VR version, too. The story, dialogues and voice acting are pretty good and they will keep you entertained throughout the game. In terms of the controls, they could have been a little bit smoother in my opinion. Especially when aiming with your mouse. Also, it would have been great to have more than two types of fish to kill.


+ Great graphics
+ Underwater atmosphere well-portrayed
+ Good story & dialogues
+ Good voice acting


- Need more enemies (fish) to eliminate
- Aiming could have be smoother
- No achievements or trading cards

Review Summary

Debris is a very immersive game, you’ll definitely have the sensation of being trapped underwater!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10