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Greeting to all you Dad wannabes. Being a Dad is not easy, it's not for everyone. But for those special few who can complete all of the Dad challenges that must be faced, you may just have what it takes to be a great Dad! Anyone can be a Dad, male or female - it's your choice.  In this 2D platformer, you will be taking control of a Dad.  You must teach your child all the knowledge you can, so that they can be the best weapon a child could possibly be, for in this unusual world, invincible children are raised as powerful weapons. They are needed in a time when a dark corruption is spreading throughout the world, and powerful Dads are needed more than ever to defeat it. You must traverse the world avoiding death, and collecting powerful toys for your child to use in combat to give them an edge over the attackers. Good luck Dads, and happy parenting!

Released on Aug 17, 2018, by the developer Sundae Month, and published by Excalibur games, this is their second release on Steam. It is a comical, 2D, Pixel, RPG, Indie platformer that has a lot of heart. The title has very well-done pixel art graphics, with a unique original soundtrack, full controller support, out of the ordinary storyline, and a slew of fascinating characters to meet along the way. With 3 huge zones and an extensive tutorial, the title is sure to bring hours of enjoyment. It is semi-linear; you are able to go back and forth through most of the zones until you pass certain areas. And the unique mechanics are really well-designed.

The first area of the game is designed as a tutorial to familiarize you with the mechanics of the game, and is as long as a regular chapter. Once you have beaten it, you will start the first chapter of the game. Seek out toys for your child throughout the zones to aid you, in hidden secret areas, shops, and treasure chests. They all have different stats and uses; do not waste them needlessly, as some creatures are easier to kill with certain toys. You will also upgrade your and your child's abilities along the way, giving you the ability to reach areas that you were unable to reach prior to getting these abilities. Collect gravel (the world's currency) from enemies you defeat, and treasure chests scattered across the zones (some hidden). Increase both your child’s and your own powers as you progress, or when it comes time to fight creatures with corruption, you may be underpowered.

I have really enjoyed my time with the game - it is a most awesome play! I still have many hours of play ahead before I finish the title. There is a fair amount of challenge to the game; it is not just a quick and easy play, and it doesn't hold your hand when it comes to finding the items you need to progress. When you find a locked door, you must find keys or other objects to open the doors that lead to the deepest areas of each zone. So, you will go back and forth in all areas as you find everything you need to progress. Along the way, you will meet many zany characters that will have a quest you may choose to take; fulfill these quests to earn special gifts. The combat is a lot of fun - it took me a little while to get used to using the controller, as I am not normally a controller user, but the controls were responsive and hitboxes on spot.

The main thing I would have liked to have seen is more quest boards through the zones; they should have been more frequent to allow you to see the status of unfulfilled quests. And there is nothing to remind you of the items you need as you’re playing, such as what keys you are looking for, or what items you currently have to find for a quest. There were a few times where I was lost with what to do, as I tried to locate the key to advance to the next area. But with a bit of exploration, you will find the items you need.

Dad Quest: An Extraordinary Journey to Earn your Dad-hood and Save the World!


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+ Steam Achievements (currently being added)
+ Fantastic Platforming
+ Fun Mechanics
+ Unconventional Story


- No Steam Trading Cards

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Dad Quest: An Extraordinary Journey to Earn your Dad-hood and Save the World!

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