Creepy Tale


Creepy tale is an interesting puzzle platformer with a rich story. The game delivers a great 2D platformer experience with befitting music and sound effects.

The story starts off with two brothers who decided to go collect mushrooms from an unknown part of the forest. What seemed to be a nice brotherly moment of peace and comfort was soon to be proven wrong.

Something happened; there’s a sudden noise. My brother has been kidnapped by a monster, his basket of mushrooms wasted on the floor.

Being afraid and alone, I decide to go after the monster into the forest, in the hope of finding my brother.

This forest seems so ominous and uncanny, full of weird structures and creatures. Moving forward, I try to puzzle things together and track down my missing brother. 

While going through the forest, mysterious creatures start to appear, some of which are peaceful and scared of my presence, while others are hostile, ready to come after me given the chance.

I continue, passing one obstacle after another, passing sleeping monsters, climbing bean stalks, figuring out puzzles, and trying to find my brother. 

The grim atmosphere compliments the game nicely, and the well-chosen music fits the gameplay experience nicely.

Although the 2D art style in Creepy Tale is nothing new, Creepy Tale’s creators have done a such a good job with the style that I didn’t even consider the fact that I had played such 2D styled games before; the game felt that unique.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay . . . I must say the base game is solid for this short yet very interesting indie title. The basic movement keys are there W, A, S, D but also arrow keys for some reason. There are keys for interactions with items in place, though these keys are not changeable.

The gameplay felt very smooth with consistent frame rates without any issues.

However, I faced quite a few other issues:  achievements are not working, key registrations are bad and I’m getting a weird lag which caused me to be caught by the witch in the cabin a lot; I really had a bad time getting past her.

Interacting with an item in a rush didn’t work because the key didn’t register, or maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be, which is also weird and wrong if it’s not a technical issue. As this is a platformer there shouldn’t be any lag while running, jumping, and interacting with items.

The quality of graphics was high, well-polished and complimented the story and gameplay extremely well. Nothing catches the eye like good render quality, which was consistent throughout the world.

It seems like check points are placed with every correct action performed by the player, which is a very good thing in a platformer game.

Although this was supposed to be a horror game, it actually turned out to be more creepy rather than a full-blown horror game.  I didn’t feel scared a single time throughout my entire gameplay, but I did feel really creeped out quite a few times.

The monster and the main protagonist designs are well made and fit the theme of the game perfectly.

Puzzles, though easy to complete, felt again and again as though there were too many unnecessary steps added to the gameplay and puzzles, which just added an element of annoyance.

The game is very interesting and addictive, although I faced quite a few issues as I mentioned before, and there are quite a few genuine annoyances, but I could see myself coming back to this game for more.


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+ Short yet rich story
+ Solid base gameplay
+ Common yet well-implemented game design
+ Great music and sound effects that fit the theme perfectly
+ Checkpoint saved with every correct action
+ Well-designed main protagonist and monsters
+ Easy puzzles
+ Atmosp


- Repetitive at times
- Though the puzzles were easy, there were quite a few unnecessary steps added to them
- Short game
- Key registration latency
- Achievements didn’t seem to work

Review Summary

Overall, considering all aspects of this game, I must say was very interested with this story-rich, short Indie platformer.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10