Prepare yourself for a dangerous journey against a horde of challenging foe, in a deadly world full of pitfalls and pain that desires nothing more than your demise. Choose one of the four available character classes, each having different weapons & abilities. Grab a friend or go solo and begin your adventure in this 2D randomly generated rogue-lite platformer. The missions that await you will not be easy in the least, and death shall visit often, returning you to the starting area time and time again. You will become a dealer of death as you level up, along with expanding your collection of perk items to embellish your character with powerful advantages. To face the bosses, you will need every advantage you can get if you are to survive.

Released & self-published on Aug 1, 2019, by the developer Glaive Games, this is their first Steam release. It is tagged as Indie, Action, Violent, Co-op, Platformer, 2D. I have added Rogue-lite, Difficult to the tags. It features nine different locations each with distinctive characteristics, adding a nice variety to the game world. With four character classes, each with unique weapons, melee abilities, and special attacks, can you master them all? Over 60 enemies with their unique powers and perks to overcome on the battlefield. The 15 bosses will show you no mercy should you falter while battling them. There is a skill tree where you can upgrade your character using materials collected during your playtime. Over 100 modifiers to collect to buff your character stats and abilities (these can also be crafted as you unlock them). With 10 difficulty modifiers to take the challenge to the next level, should you feel the need to prove yourself? There are even some secret levels to discover along the way. Full controller support is included (I found that using the keyboard & using the mouse and controller to be equal in function)

Quite a brutal yet addictive game, I have found the title to be quite challenging while remaining fun to play. All of the materials and items you collect during any run are not lost on death; this was a very nice feature as death found me often. After a bit of grinding for materials to unlock some of my character tree, as well as collecting an assortment of perk items that complement my playstyle, the game became more balanced. I simply loved the procedural generation changing the world layout every death; it kept the gameplay fresh. One of my boys and I have been playing coop, and I have done much better with his help. With the 4 save slots you can unlock all 4 of the playable characters. You can access your stash of items for each of your characters at any time.  When you create a new character, you can utilize any of the stored items, giving your newly-made character the same skills/stats as your existing characters.

Figuring out all the mechanics driving the title does take a little time, I would say it has a medium learning curve. We are having a lot of fun discovering everything the title has to offer. This is not a simple sit-down-and-beat-in-one-session kind of game. We look forward to the many hours of gameplay we will be getting from this title. For the amount of endless gaming you will receive, the cost of the title is a bargain.

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+ Fun Challenging Gameplay
+ Randomly Generated World
+ Full Controller Support
+ Attractive Level Design
+ Steam Achievements


- No Steam Trading Card “as yet”

Review Summary

Collapsed: Death is just a precursor to Victory in this Riveting Rogue-lite 2D Platformer!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10