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Japan, the land of the rising sun, has seen its fair share of trouble throughout centuries. During Medieval times, Japan had one of the most fearful combat units, known as the Samurai. Well, one of the Samurai lords during that time was spreading terror throughout the land by destroying all the villages and killing its people in order to acquire their lands. His name was Akuji! But a group of four skilful fighters, known as Clan N (of which Akuji was once a part) would face the tyranny of the Samurai Akuji and take back their lands. You are one of these amazing fighters, and we will be right behind you (a few miles behind you), cheering you on every time you take back a piece of our land. All hail the fantastic four of the Clan N! 

The Clan N is Retro Action Beat’em up game (single player, local and online co-op) developed by Creamative and published by Maple Whispering Limited (in conjunction with Creamative) on the 6th of August 2020 on Steam. The game is also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The game consists of 7 big stages; at the start of the game you can select to play the short or the full campaign. That will precede the option where you decide whether to launch a local co-op / single-player or online co-op with your friends. There are three levels of difficulty, but interestingly, the developers decided to display the difficulty in the options tab rather than before launching a campaign. 

From here, you’ll choose one of the four characters available for selection: Akira is a Ninja (super-fast and deadly), Reina has mastered the art of fighting with a staff, her brother Daiki is some sort shaman/samurai, and the last character is Tarou, who is a fighting Monk and is extremely skilful with a scythe.

As I mentioned above, the levels are relatively big, and you’ll always be fighting. In fact, every few metres you take, enemies will emerge from the surroundings. What I really like is the variety of incoming foe. You’ll have a minimum of three types of enemy units at the start of each battle; it could be a Samurai armed with a Katana or Kanabo, a mounted Samurai who carries a long sword, Monks, Ninjas or Archers. As you progress through the game, you’ll be fighting large spiders, wolves and skeletons, as well as a few larger units which will be harder to kill. Within each of the stages, you’ll come across a few red houses where you can upgrade your character’s skills or purchase potions for your special attack and extra lives. The other thing you have to keep an eye on is these beige and slightly larger barrels within the stages; they have goodies in them so make sure to break them and pick up the reward. There are mini-games too; one per stage, they are fun and usually have a few goodies to pick up. On the other hand, if you get hit while playing these mini-games, your health will decrease rather quickly.

It’s a fantastic retro Beat’em Up game, and all you have at your disposal to move forward is a normal, a strong and a special attack. You’ll also have shuriken, but you’ll use them pretty quickly. However, you can re-stock at the red house or find some in the beige barrels. In terms of evasive actions, you can block an attack, roll or jump away from the closest enemies;  that’s basically it, so expect to get hit in every single encounter! Thank God some of the fallen enemy units will drop drumsticks or even an entire chicken after their death. Eat plenty of chickens, they will regenerate a bit of your health with every bite.

Then you’ll get to the boss fights, which are usually epic. I played by myself on the normal difficulty and managed to get to the last boss, but couldn’t beat him as I ran out of lives and credits. What I mean by credits is that you can continue your current game 4 times before it’s game over. Each credit will give you 3 lives, but as I mentioned above, you can purchase new lives at the red houses.

I had a lot of fun playing this game by myself, but it would definitely be better playing with three other friends, that’s for sure.

Lovely pixel graphics; the soundtrack is very Japanese, but ok (you can turn the music on or off if you wish to anyway). In terms of controls, gamepad is the way to go! I did encounter a few sporadic crashes while playing Clan N; some occurred while playing, and others after I continued my campaign (reload).  Apart from that, it’s pretty good!


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+ Lovely pixel graphic environments
+ 4 characters to play with
+ Single-player, local and online co-op
+ 7 stages, including a mini-game and a boss fight
+ Fun and very addictive gameplay
+ Achievements


- No trading cards as yet
- A few sporadic crashes

Review Summary

Join the Clan N and defeat the evil Samurai Akuji, either on your own or with friends. A great Retro Beat’em Up game set in Japan, with lovely pixel environments!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10