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You play as a Surveillance Officer in the City of Strife which is riddled with lawlessness and crime. You are in control of the surveillance cameras scanning the streets in search of any crime taking place such as muggings, graffiti, arson of cars or buildings. There’s also a lot of folks who just drop to the floor and require medical attention, possible drug dealers will also need special attention, although from the police.

Strife City is divided into blocks and you will need to place surveillance cameras on the corner of the city blocks. There are three types of cameras which will be at your disposal.  The first is the Basic Camera; this is your standard camera which you can use to mark crime and suspects within its range. You will have to manually turn the cameras in order to find the crime taking place. The next type of camera is the Semi-Automated Camera; this is an enhanced camera and is able to recognise a threat and indicate it on the main monitor. The final camera on offer to you is the Automated Camera; this is a high-end camera which not only recognises but automatically reacts to an emergency.

Each of the cameras will cost money to place on a street corner; the basic camera costs One Hundred dollars, the semi-automated camera will set you back Five Hundred Dollars and the top of the line, the automated cameras will empty your pockets of Five Thousand dollars a pop. Obviously, the automated cameras are the ones to go for as they make work so much easier, however it’ll take time before you can earn enough and have them fitted on all corners.

You will have to do with the cheap basic cameras to begin with but the more events you report the more the amount of money you will earn for each work shift will increase. There’s a small monitor on the bottom left of the screen which you can move around so that you can see if there’s an event going off. If an event is happening then a red circle will appear at that location. Once you see that an event is happening you must click on that location and pan the camera around in order to find out what the event is.

Once you have identified an event, then you must click on the event, which will then open a window with options for you to select. These options consist of Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Identity; selecting either one of the emergency services will call that service to the location of the camera that reported the event. At events there will be a person either committing a crime or in need of help, selecting the identity will open a window with some information on the person. If they are a criminal then you can Mark as Suspect and they’ll be taken care of when the authorities arrive.

After a shift is completed, you’ll be shown how well you did and how much money you have earned. You gain some money for Basic Funding, then depending on how well you performed. You will earn different amounts of cash for Perfect, Good and Normal responses, Missed Emergencies (you get nothing for missing an emergency) and Events completed. It also tells you how much you must reduce the crime rate in your current district before you can open up the next area.

In the settings there are options for Sound (Master, Music and Sound Effect Volume Sliders), Video (Resolution, Display Mode, V-Sync and Quality - Low, Medium, High and Ultra), Controls (Sensitivity, Invert Y Axis), and Gameplay Language - English, Polish, German, French, Russian and Portuguese).

The game’s graphics aren’t too bad, I like the idea of the game but it can get repetitive. I have had a couple problems with the game and currently I’m stuck and unable to move forward. I’m required to reduce the crime rate to twenty percent so that I can open the next area, however, it seems as though I’m stuck at forty-seven percent. I have completed thirty-four perfect responses, only missing three emergencies.  I had another shift where I missed three emergencies again although I got twenty-seven perfect responses, so all in all I should have been reducing the crime rate. I had reduced the crime rate and not done so well in other shifts.

Another problem I noticed is that one of the achievements is not unlocking. I’ve played more than a week of service (achievement) with it not unlocking. These couple of problems have only happened in the last few days, everything seemed to be working fine before, so hopefully it’s just a glitch and the developers will be able to sort them out.

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+ Decent graphics
+ Easy to play
+ Has achievements


- Unable to move forward in the game
- Achievements not unlocking
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Keep your mince pies on those monitor screens, report medical emergencies, identify criminals and help clean up the streets of Strife City by lowering its crime rate.

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Zeepond Rating: 5/10