Introducing a striking clone of Golden Axe, an old retro favourite I wasted countless hours playing in my youth. In this re-imagined version, the warriors are chipmunks on a mission to save the forest inhabitants from starvation. Now they must defeat the evil grey squirrels that swiped all the lesser animal's food supplies. Each of the three playable characters has their unique abilities and vulnerabilities. Those of you who loved the Golden Axe series is sure to have a blast in this recreation of the classic game. You will find the game is quite similar in play-style to the original. With multiple game modes as well, shared/split-screen, or play with any Steam friend via the Remote Play feature on Steam. Are you prepared for the battle that lay ahead? You can always call in a wingman if it gets too rough.

Released on Nov 20, 2019, by the developer Niemi Bros Entertainment & self-published, it is tagged Indie, Action, Retro, Beat' em up, Pixel Graphics. I have added Casual to the mix. It features three play modes with one or two-player gameplay. Plenty of enemies and boss fights to hone your skills on. Three playable characters to play and master. Local leaderboards to place your initials in the high scores. Special powers and moves to kick some squirrel tail. Local play, as well as Steam remote play, adds to the re-playability of the title. Partial Controller Support (tested with Xbox 360 & Steam Controllers without issue).

What a blast we have had so far! I did start my first couple hours in single-player mode before jumping into testing out the Steam Remote Play feature (which worked excellently). Once we started it coop, I am afraid I have not gotten back to playing alone (my wife played it with me coop :D). It brought memories flooding back of my glory days playing Golden Axe and other similar titles. It is fairly easy to pick up the moves and enemy attacks. Looking for a fair-priced retro action game? You’re sure to enjoy this classic re-imagined.

The only thing I didn't like was the sound control; you can’t adjust the volume, you can only turn it on or off.

Achievement Hunters will want to note that multiple playthroughs will be required to 100% the title.

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+ Impressive Pixel Graphics
+ Fun Retro Gameplay
+ Shared/Split Screen/Steam Remote Play
+ Partial Controller Support
+ Steam Achievements


- No Steam Trading Cards (at this time)

Review Summary

Chipmonk!: A Fun Retro Adventure wrapped in Furry Pixel Goodness!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10