Changeover Decisions


Changeover Decisions is a mixture of a visual novel, action platformer and choice matters game from KBH Soft

You awaken in a dark, damp hospital not knowing your name or how you got to be there. You hear someone screaming for help; do you know them, do they know you, do they have any answers to explain where you are and why you have no memory? This is where your story will start to unfold, by asking questions and searching for clues, which will help you to slowly remember who you were before, and maybe get you out of this place.

You go to investigate the screams you heard, and find someone with a nasty wound due to having a chair leg embedded in their own leg.  From here your choices start, as you talk to this person and decide how you’re going to help them remove the chair leg. Will you try and help them on your own, or will you go and look for others to help you? These are the choices you’ll make, which will lead to one of twelve different endings for Chapter One (more chapters in the future).

Around the place you’ll find items to aid you, like weapons, bandages, water and different medications. You’ll also be able to find books or notes which may help you along the way, so always be on the lookout and search everywhere. Knowing how to remove an object from someone, as well as which medication to give them while doing so, may just keep them alive. Be careful what medication you take when you become injured yourself, as the medicines can either help or hinder you; I tried some funny pills and they seemed to slow my movements down.

Weapons can be anything from pieces of rotten wood, knives, or anything you can pick up and wield. Some weapons must be used with two hands, while for others, you can hold one in each hand. The combat is unusual, as rather than just clicking your mouse buttons to attack or block, you use mouse movements instead. The mouse buttons do change your stance to either block or attack, and will allow you to swing over or under; you can also hold both at the same time. I did enjoy running about with 2 rotten sticks like I was guiding a plane in, or like I was at a rave again (glow sticks would have been great), or using them in a downward stabbing motion like in horror films.

For Options, we have Language, Sounds, Master, Effects and Music volume controls.  For Video, there’s Resolution, Full Screen and Graphics Quality. You’re able to remap the keys, if, like me, you play with the arrow keys, which is always nice. The pixelated graphics, music and sounds are nice and give an eerie feeling to the place.

There is a save manager to save your multiple endings, so you can carry on the story when the next chapters are available, but it doesn’t seem to save more than one game save and will overwrite any previous attempts. This might be in the list of things to do, or maybe I’m just doing something wrong!  You can also find archives laying about, which you can check out on the Tutorial, Chapter and Archive page.  Going to the archive will allow you to play through it, giving you some information about what’s been going on in this place.


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for!


+ Good story dialogue so far (a couple of spelling mistakes)
+ Multiple endings
+ Achievements


- Only one chapter so far but it has twelve endings
- No manual saves and only one game save, so multiple uncovered endings are overwritten
- Frustrating when having to restart from the beginning at times
- No cards

Review Summary

Search for clues and try to remember who you are and why you are here, in this choices matter, gloomy visual novel and action platformer game.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10