Call of Duty WWII


Operation Overlord was the biggest amphibian military assault ever launched. It occurred on the 6th of June 1944 on several beaches in the North of France; its purpose was to liberate France and most importantly to march deep into Germany to end the Second World War. Jump into the shoes of one of these incredible men who were right in the thick of it. Private, this is your call of duty in WWII.

Call of Duty WWII is primarily an online multiplayer game. However, players can experience a single player campaign mode and a zombie mode part of the experience.

Let me say it up front . . . I was an addict of this franchise up to Black Ops. I purchased every game since, but was disappointed with the outcome. Then Call of Duty WWII came out. It is a delight to see Call of Duty coming back to its source.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the single player missions. WOW. . . Just WOW! As far as I am concerned this is probably one off the best WWII campaigns I have had the pleasure of playing.  You’ll play Daniel, and follow him from the invasion of Normandy until the conclusion of WWII. I personally enjoyed all the cut-scenes and missions in this game. To be totally honest with you, it’s just brilliant!

The online side of the equation is great with plenty of different modes of play: domination, free for all, capture the flags, team deathmatch and more. Play with and against up to twelve people in small, well- designed maps. You can select soldiers from four of the divisions available to you: airborne, infantry, armored and expeditionary. Each of them will have they own type of weapons. For example, airborne will be loaded with sub-machine guns and expeditionary with a sniper rifle. The good news is that you can change and upgrade your weaponry each time you manage to reach a specific level. Also, you have several free slots available to you to save your own customized soldiers to inflict maximum pain on you enemies. The other mode of play is the zombie mode. Here, you have to get rid of waves of zombies until you die. This is a very hectic mode with a lot of fun.

I really enjoy this game but I must admit that I don’t like being pushed to a dedicate server to play.   I would prefer to have a selection of servers to choose from instead of that. Just a preference on my behalf.

Graphically the game is awesome. The soundtrack and sound effects are great and the controls are fantastic.


+ Great Graphics
+ Splendid single player campaign
+ Several online modes of play
+ Responsive controls
+ Achievements and Trading cards


- You can’t select a game server

Review Summary

Well, I am back in Duty. . . It took some time to get another good game in this series, and we’ve finally got one!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10