This is an Early Access Review. Being early access you can expect bugs, needed content, and optimizations that will be needed. The game is in the very early stages of development. But the developer is getting patch’s out regularly. If you are not excited to be a part of helping the title grow as these things are fixed and added, you may just want to follow and wishlist for now.

In the near future, the government is silently preparing for something; what it is, you are not sure. With everything wrong in the world today, it could be anything.  Whatever it is though, you feel it in your bones that it's going to be disastrous. You believe the time has come to BugOut and prepare yourself for whatever event is coming your way. So you sell everything and journey to the Appalachian mountains. You arrive at the traders, you go inside and talk to him to find out information on the area. And your journey begins. You must now prepare yourself for whatever fate awaits the world.

BugOut is the First Release on Steam by Developer A2G Studios and was released Sept. 15, 2018, in Early Access. It is an Open World, Simulation, Survival, Indie Title. It has an interesting concept for a survival title. It is currently in stages 1 and 2 of development; you can see the Roadmap pinned in the discussions for the title. Once stages 1 & 2 are finished, work on stage 3 will begin, adding in the random catastrophes. This is when things will get really exciting for the title. I am quite excited to see where the title goes at this point.

You will craft, gather, harvest, hunt and fish and build yourself a new life out in the wilderness of the Appalachian mountains. The last couple of patches have brought a lot of content to the title. Much more is still needed, but you are able to do many of the basics now in the game, with more added every patch. For now, there are no catastrophic events, they are still in limbo as the first stages of the games are finished up. So, for now, you can go in and learn the area and the POI’s that are in place now, build yourself a homestead, and survive. The game has come a long way already with the patches it has had. Though it is far from being a finished product, the content is being added at a steady rate and improves the games with every patch.

I have had the title since it came out and on release, it was really just a walking sim at that point. There is still not a ton of content in the game yet, but it is getting added steadily. You can go in and practice building and exploring as more content is added, and help by leaving feedback to aid in improving the title. As I said, if you're not excited to help it grow, you may want to wait for it to get further into production. For those who love to help EA games grow, and be active in helping with development, then jump aboard and lend a hand getting the title to full release!

@Its current state I can only give a lower score. As patches are added and the title makes it to final release, I will revisit the title and modify my score.


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Intriguing Concept
+ Regular Updates
+ Modern Graphics


- No Trading Cards
- No Achievements
- Light on Content

Review Summary

BugOut: The End is Nigh; Head for the Hills!

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Zeepond Rating: 5/10