Bug Academy


Welcome to Bug Academy, cadet; your lessons on being the best bug you can be are about to begin. With four insect types to master; flies, fireflies, mosquitos and bees through over 30 lessons to be learned if you ever wish to survive life in Bugdom. Work alone as well as with your brethren to accomplish the task assigned for every class, as some challenges will require help to complete. You will be graded on your efforts and accomplishments, with up to 3 stars for every level. You will need to unlock a pre-determined number of stars to open the next set of bug classes. Having trouble with getting 3 stars in a class?  Move on to the next one and return later to beat your score. Think you're a brilliant student? Compete for the top slots on the leader boards for bragging rights. The time is at hand to grab your copy of this marvelous physics game.

Released on Jan 13, 2020, by the developer & published by Ultimate Games S.A./Gaming Factory S.A., it is tagged as Indie, Casual, Funny, Physics, and Singleplayer, I have added no additional tags. It features a sensational dioramas art style that is well crafted. An upbeat soundtrack accompanies the action, as well as well-made sound effects. Four classes of insects to pilot through over 30 levels of humorous fun. Physics-based destructible props throughout the environments. With global leaderboards to compete against the rest of the world's players for those coveted top slots. There are also hats to unlock with stars that you earn in order to customize your bugs.

What a delightful indie title; I fell in love with the art style instantly, then the gameplay grabbed ahold of me and didn't want to let go. While it is a casual play, some levels can still have a bit of challenge; I was the worst at the stacking lessons, and fared much better in the rest of the deviously-designed classes. Constantly changing dynamics on every level keeps the action fresh. I do believe that the cow-tossing was hands-down my favorite lesson (I know where all the beef went, lol). The entire game has been a total pleasure to dive into. I was surprised at just how much content there is. I expected a quick hour or two of playtime, but I was mistaken. The three-star challenge on each stage offers a ton of replayability as you master everything the title has to offer. I do not think I need to "bug" you about buying this little gem; if you’ve read my review this far we both know you are going to buy it now to start your journey today...


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Fantastic Graphic Design
+ Magical Sound-track
+ Full Controller Support
+ Steam Achievements


- No Steam Trading Cards (at this time)

Review Summary

Bug Academy: A Dazzling Physics Adventure Awaits You with the Most Fun You Could Ever Have in School...

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10