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Welcome to Brief Battles. Prepare yourself for all the frantic couch potato, battle brawling you can handle. With single player & co-op challenges, you can battle alone against the A.I. and bring a friend to fight by your side for some sections. You will be battling a large variety of creatures each with their own unique abilities that add an interesting twist to the gameplay. The mechanics and monsters will continue to change as you continue to beat the different sections available. Some game styles have Boss battles as well; work together or failure will likely come calling. In Brawler mode you can gather up to 3 friends for 4 players mayhem battling each other and make some new frenemies! Same as for solo & co-op, you will collect undies with a multitude of special powers to give you the baddest butt in the game. Then battle your friends till you get to claim bragging rights as having the best butt in the game.

Released and self-published on May 7, 2019, by the developer Juicy Cupcake, this indie title is a humorous couch brawler at heart. It does contain multiple game styles to play.  For solo play, there are The Basics (4 levels), Underpants collector (4 difficulties, 50 levels total), and Tighty Whitey Targets (4 difficulties, 60 levels total) which also serve as the title's tutorial. You can play the last 2 sections solo or coop in Butt-em-up-Battle (2 acts, 10 levels) and Endless Butt-em-up (5 levels). For Multiplayer there is Classics Battle (free for all), Knock Out (last man standing), Hold the Gold (battle for golden undies), and Underpants Collector (collect tokens). With so many different ways to play, the replayability is huge for the title. The title is a Network gameplay release; there is no internet gameplay for the title unless you use a virtual network to bypass the limitations. There are also 6 standard heroes & 8 unlockable heroes as rewards for completing challenges in solo and co-op play.  And full controller support!

There is a fair amount of available settings.
Graphics & Audio have the resolution, visual quality, gamma slider, fullscreen toggle, v-sync. For sound, there are music and master audio sliders
Gameplay & Accessibility has only safe(r) arenas, player outlines, camera shake, player number display, easy mode, reduced speed, high contrast mode, and a reset challenges progress button, should you want to replay it all over again.
The controller section has a quick select for your controller type; Xbox, PS4, Generic or keyboard. The controller layout is not remappable. I would have liked the ability to alter the button bindings to my own taste. I really did not like the layout for the second jump button personally, and would have preferred the ability to map it in the game to my needs. As you will see, a keyboard is useable for one character in the game; I highly recommend controller use though!

We have had a riot so far; we are just starting to dig into the multiplayer portion of the game. As my kids whipped my undies off, I tried and tried, but they just keep kicking my butt. So, I enjoyed the solo and coop a little more than I did the MP. Every one of the different game styles was a blast to play. I really enjoyed the level looks and layouts, though the no floor areas sure ended me a lot. It is very well designed in every aspect and I would consider it an instant gem for one's collection if you love couch potato gameplay. It really is quite superb in the multitude of ways you can play. All the mechanics they have designed for it, and even those mean old monsters, are fun to battle. It is a casual and family-friendly game as well, so parents - this one is just right for you and the kids (wink, wink)!  The price line is very fair for what you receive in gameplay. What are you waiting for? The time is right for some new undies and a ton of fun.


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+ Brilliant Gameplay
+ Fabulously Fun Mechanics
+ Well-Designed Levels
+ Steam Achievements


- No Trading Cards

Review Summary

Brief Battles: Changing Undies has never been so Fun!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10