Upon starting the game you’ll find yourself on the main game screen. Here you’ll find in the top right corner, Mute Sound On/Off, Settings and Quit Icons. Achievements (Ribbon) and Leaderboard (Trophy) are also here which will open your steam achievements profile. Here you’ll be able to check how well you’ve been doing.

You have three choices in which you can play BonVoyage!: Campaign, Randomiser and Levels. Selecting Levels will take you to a screen with twenty-four levels and more to come. Here is the tutorial which you’ll play through each level, learning how the game and its mechanics work, such as how to grab and move tiles, locks and everything else you’ll need to have fun playing the game.

In Randomiser, the levels are randomly generated with path shuffle so that you have endless replayability. You also have a few options here to help mix things around: Randomize Max Move, Move, and Add Non-walkable Tiles (these options can be selected prior to continuing to your game).

The last option for you is Campaign, where you’ll start from First Steps. This is one of six sections and each section consists of ten levels, except for The Final Push, which has twenty levels. After each ten levels you complete, you’ll unlock the next set ten of levels. If you haven’t bothered with going over the tutorial levels, then don’t worry (be happy) you’ll have some help over some of the early campaign levels. Currently there are a total of seventy levels within Campaign.

To either help or hinder your progress you can select three options: Shake (shakes the screen at start of level), Enable Timer (if you want timed runs) and Simplify (which will remove a white line, and if left turned on will allow you to connect the white line to other tiles until you complete the circuit so your knight can reach the finish point).

Your knight will start at a certain point and you’ll need to guide him to the finish point, which is a treasure chest. To do this you must move tiles around until your knight can move freely between the start and finish. Once this happens, the knight will automatically make his way to the finish. Sometimes you have the option to choose alternate starting points, which are indicated by a “question mark”. Clicking on a question mark with transport your knight there (this is quite handy as sometimes the position from where you start isn’t going to allow you to reach the end. Starting somewhere else may just allow you to find a new path to the finish).

You can manually move your knight by either clicking on him or using the toggle knight icon in the bottom left corner. Moving your knight manually will allow you to first move him, and then move the tiles around him so that you can get him to the finish. Not all levels consist of a single path, so being able to manoeuvre your knight is a must. Some tiles can’t be moved but others can, and they can only be moved within a certain range. Selecting a tile will reveal both the direction in which you’re able to move and where it’s able to go, indicated in red.

Sometimes you’ll have more than one knight to contend with and there are other obstacles in your way. Locks and keys can be found on some maps; in this case you’ll need to recover a key, which will then open the corresponding lock. Now you’ll be able to move the previously locked tile and continue moving towards the finish.

I’ve enjoyed playing BonVoyage! You can just have a nice relaxing game played at your own pace or switch things up a bit by trying to compete against a timer. Crackling little game.

In the settings you’ll find Graphics Quality (Low to High), Username, Visuals (Shake, Enable Timer), Difficulty, Simplify.


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+ Nice, challenging game
+ Relaxing music
+ Nice graphics
+ Achievements


- No cards

Review Summary

BonVoyage! is a very nice and challenging puzzle game; it’ll get that brain of yours working overtime as you guide the knights to the treasure chests.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10