Blind Date


You’ve got a blind date tonight and you’re waiting for her in the restaurant, but she’s not turned up so far. You check your phone for the time; she’s ten minutes late! It’s been a quite a while since you have been on a date, the nerves start creeping in along with a feeling of discomfort in the pit of your stomach. This is where you’ll start to make the first of many choices; do you sit still and wait patiently, do you take a sip of water, or do you shift uncomfortably and adjust your collar? The choice is yours!

A couple of choices later Karen, your date for the night, turns up explaining that her car had broken down. She says that she knows your friend Rebecca and asks you your name. You’ll have the choice of four names, Kevin, Gert, Sherbert B. Sportnorth and Stanley. Karen will continue to ask you questions as she tries to get to know the type of person you are. For each question you’ll have a variety of answers to choose from; sometimes you’ll have only two options, other times four, but all will lead you down a path to one of the fifteen possible endings.

As your date goes on, it may seem like you’re hitting it off together, however, this can change extremely quickly and get damn right weird at times. As I was going through my first play through, I was thinking, “This is going well”; we were talking about this ‘n that when suddenly everything went black. The next thing I know is that there’s a character with a TV for his head, who’s called Wate. I had totally lost the plot as Wate was going on about making choices, visiting beautiful worlds, fighting monsters and becoming a real Llama Planet. As I was trying to get my head around who the hell Wate was and where Karen had disappeared too, the game ended with me collecting my first achievement.

I started a new game and thought I’d try some different choices and see what happens. Again, the date started off being fine, then Karen went from being pleasant to full on abusing me (#MeToo), calling me names and telling me that I’ll always be alone. Another time I thought I’d wake up with my kidneys or something missing, but instead found myself inside a box outside the front gate of the gulag. They’re not all negative outcomes though, and there are around another twelve or so endings. The playthroughs don’t take too long to complete, but finding all fifteen endings may take a fair amount of plays to complete, which isn’t that bad as the game it quite enjoyable to play.

There’s not a lot in the way of options: Screen Resolution (1280x720, 1600x900 and 1920x1080), Fullscreen or Windowed along with Music Volume.

The game’s dialog, pixel graphics and music are all good, and although I’m still trying to figure out who the hell Wate is, I’ve quite enjoyed playing the game. I’ve still got quite a few endings to find and if they’re like the ones I have completed already then, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy them.


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+ Nice pixel graphics
+ Good dialog
+ Fifteen endings
+ Has achievements


- Goose broke my arm
- No cards

Review Summary

It’s been a while since you last had a date, and after this one, you might not want another.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10