Blazing Core


This is an Early Access Review - gameplay, mechanics and other aspects may or may not change as the game progresses in its evolution.

Welcome, Knight; You are in control of your mech warrior. Prepare yourself for a battle you must fight strategically to overpower your foe. Take over control points or kill the enemy team to win a round. The perfect combination of mechs can mean the difference between winning or losing. Strategize with your team for the perfect combinations to annihilate all that may stand against you. So choose your mech, mount up and get to the battlefield, our competition is already en route! Lead your team to victory!

Blazing Core was released on Oct 18, 2018. It is the second release on steam by Developer Octobox Interactive, and was self-published. It is an Action, PVP, Online Multiplayer game, which you can also play against the AI, but there is no Singleplayer/Storyline mode. Currently, there are 7 customizable mechs. Use the in-game skin market that utilizes in-game currency earned to purchase vanity items for your mechs and banners. The in-game currency will be expanding as the title gets closer to final release, giving players more ways to get in-game content. Some content and currency can only be earned by completing the weekly quest or other special events. There is other content coming, like decals and animations, for the mechs.  With 4 weapons, each having 6 additional module slots per weapon, you can modify your mech to fit your play style.

There are 4 Game Modes; Versus AI (No Rewards), Quick Play (3x3 or 6x6), Training (Mech Tutorial), and Tournament (Not Yet Implemented). I would recommend you start with the training area to learn the game basics control. Then to versus AI; no rewards or in-game achievements are earned during this mode. The last mode currently in the game is Quick Play; in this mode, you connect to a random internet game. When Tournament gets implemented we will have the ability to form teams of 3 or 4 players and compete against other teams for unique rewards. Till this mode is in the game, playing with friends can be a matter of chance.

Excellent visuals for the game world and mech skins. The Graphics are sharp, clean and modern, as you would expect from the Unreal Engine. It has what I would best describe as an epic hybrid futuristic orchestral mix, along with eerie sound effects, and the two mix well together for quite a pleasant auditory experience amid the battle of the knights. The worst aspect of the title at the moment is the low server populations. This should improve as the game furthers in development. I would recommend maybe some Free Weekends to help entice future players. You can utilize Steamcharts to see server population statistics, and see the best time of day to catch players online. You can also join their Discord Channel (Add it to the app) and look for players, and maybe even play with the developers.

The game is well built and could be a lot of fun once the servers are more populated. You will spend hours learning to play with each of the mechs and their abilities to see which best suits your playstyle. Using modifiers you will build your ultimate warrior to lead your squad to victory. I found the mech movement to be a bit slow and it took some getting used to not having a dash. Yes, I am an addict for a dash/sprint key, I must admit. I still try the slower moving mechs as they have some epic loadouts. Some balancing I am sure will happen as the game moves forward. More maps are needed for more varied gameplay.

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+ State of the Art Graphics
+ Steam Trading Card
+ Full Controller Support


- Low Server Populations
- No Steam Achievements

Review Summary

Blazing Core: A Mech Knight Battle for Glory!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10