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Argggh; Welcome Land Lovers to Blackbeard's Cove. Released by developer TAS Systems. It is an adventure game in the third person perspective published in April 2018 in Early Access. The game has quest-driven gameplay guiding you as you look for clues to the lost treasure. Even though it is a quest-driven title it is an open world game, so you can move around the city and ocean as you desire, and advance through the storyline at your own pace.

Seeking fortune, you travel to Blackbeard's Cove in hope of discovering the fabled treasure of Queen Anne's Revenge, which legend says is somewhere off the coast of Blackbeard's Cove. Traverse the city and gather vital clues to help in your search.  You will interact with many residents of the Cove who will assist you in finding information. You will earn funds by completing quests along the way, which will allow you to buy better land and sea vehicles to aid you further. Use your trusty metal detector to locate lost treasure around the island, and earn more money for higher quality vehicles.

Blackbeard's Cove has an intriguing concept. With more work, it could be a great game. Graphics are a bit outdated; the music score is nice and mellow, which doesn't overpower the game audio. I like the open world setting with quest lines where I can progress as I like. I’ve always wanted to employ a metal detector to find treasure; never thought I would be doing it in a game! Treasure is not only in sunken ships but also in the city. So, get out your metal detector and get searching! Getting tired of searching the city for clues? Jump into your submarine and explore the waters of Blackbeard's Cove!

Blackbeard's Cove could be a fun title after it advances with more patches, bug fixes and content. I encountered a few bugs that made it hard for me to truly enjoy the game as of yet. With a few more updates it should be at a better stage of development. I will be watching for updates and will revisit the title to see its progress. If the game gets continued support and makes it to full release, I will review my score.

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+ Partial Controller Support
+ Good Soundtrack


- Random Crashing
- Clipping through the World issues
- Dialogue auto scrolls
- No Trading Cards
- No Achievements

Review Summary

Seek your fortune hunting for legendary pirate treasure that sank in the waters of Blackbeard's Cove!

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Zeepond Rating: 5/10