Bitlogic - A Cyberpunk Action Arcade Adventure


Bitlogic is an updated version of its classic Bitlogic MSX game, an action adventure cyberpunk platformer game by OXiAB Game Studio.

Selecting Start from the menu screen will take you to the game saved screen; here there is the option for three game saves. You’ll need to select one to start a new game or a previous game (should you have already gone through this process). After selecting where to save your game, you’ll be taken into the game where you’ll be welcomed and asked for your name. Your name can be up to six characters long, after which you’ll move on to the next screen, where you’ll be told about how the software has been developed to entertain and challenge you.

As the technology hasn’t been developed yet to enter the virtual world, you take control of Bit, your game’s avatar. After a bit of small talk with Bit about whether or not you consider yourself an expert player, or maybe after rescuing a cute princess, the game starts. As the game starts you find yourself standing on the ground and before you can take a good look around you notice something flying towards you. You pull your gun out and shoot it before it reaches you; Bit is surprised and says he was right, you’re pretty good, after which he says “let’s continue, wish us luck!”.

You that can now take in your surroundings you notice that you can’t move towards the right as you’re blocked by a step. You’re unable to jump up the step as the clothes Bit is wearing are too heavy and he says it would not be a pretty sight if he was to remove them and be butt nekkid. You then notice some ladders leading up to a couple platforms which will allow you to bypass the step.

You move from screen to screen, using the ladders, platforms and gravity (drop down) to make your way through each of the areas. As you make your way through the game, you’ll come across some computer chips,  which you’ll need to collect. Scattered around the area are doors which can only be opened by collecting the computer chips. Each door will require several chips to open, starting with four chips for the first door you’ll come across. Further doors will open with eight, twelve, sixteen and so on (in total there are thirty-six chips to collect). Also scattered here and there are some data cartridges; collecting these will give you an extra life (there are five of them around the place and while they’ll give you an extra life, they will also have an effect later in the game).

There are several types of enemy which will get in your way, and they can all be dealt with by shooting them. However, you cannot aim in this game, but only shoot straight out in front of you. Because of this you’ll need to shoot the enemies by being at the same height as them. You can do this my standing in a dip or on a step.  Sometimes you’re unable to do this so you’ll have to get by them as quickly, and with as little contact, as possible. One of the enemies won’t die when shot, but they’ll lose health after several shots and then become lifeless; their health will return a few seconds later giving you time to get past them without causing any damage to you.

If your health reaches zero then you’ll lose a life; you can continue the game as you’ve got five lives to start with. If your health is on its last legs, you can regain some more either by picking up a chip or by completing that current area. To help you find your way around the place there is a map which will reveal more to you as you progress. You can select the map for each area by clicking Enter (there is also a smaller map (radar) by pressing Z).

There are multiple endings to the game which will depend on the data cartridges collected and the answers you give Bit. Completing the game with certain endings will unlock more menu options, like the MSX version of the game. Other unlocks will allow you to collect medals or to play inferno mode (one hit, instant death).

In the options there’s Full Screen, Music and Sound Effects sliders, a choice of languages (English, Spanish and Catalan).  The game can be played with either keyboard or with a game pad. I was too lazy to plug my game pad in but found it super easy to just use the keyboard. You can use either the WASD or Arrow keys, while shooting is done by using the Space Bar.

An enjoyable game, easy to play, with multiple endings and new unlocks after completing the game. I had got one ending and thought I’d go try for another ending, so I tried some different answers to Bit to see what would happen. I ended up upsetting him, so he removed all the chips and cartridges I had collected and sent me back to the start of the game. I couldn’t stop laughing at what just happened - cracking little game!


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+ Enjoyable game
+ Good graphics and music
+ Multiple endings
+ Extra game mode
+ Achievements
+ Has cards


- Maybe a little too easy on normal
- Map legends are a little bit hard to see

Review Summary

Uncover secrets, explore, collect chips and data cartridges as you guide Bit through the virtual world, as he searches for answers to who he is.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10