Beauty and The Beast


Here is the story of an arrogant and handsome Prince who manages to get on the wrong side of a witch (what about MY story, for crying out loud?! I, too, was a debonair prince who got on the wrong side of a witch. Result, I became a frog! I guess we’ll leave that for another time.) In the meantime, our protagonist, Belle, enters the forest in search of her father, and stumbles upon the Prince’s castle. Enjoy, Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and The Beast is a hidden object game, developed and published by Crisp App Studio, where you follow the story of Belle, the main character.

The game consists of 15 levels, which are combined with your standard hidden and object screen levels, and the 360-degree panoramic one. In this game, Crisp App Studio have included a small tutorial, which will show you how to utilize the hint button, as well as how to discover what an object looks like within the scenery if you are not sure what the word means.

Each of the levels (scenes) has between 24 and 26 objects to discover, of which you will only have to find half on your first walkthrough. Your goal is to find all hidden objects as fast as you can to achieve the best score on the global leader board and receive three golden stars.

One feature I really like with this title is that the developers managed to find the right combination of obvious and difficult items to find, which entices you to get through another walkthrough.  

The story is nice, based on the iconic tale, and it will pump up between every single level, which is exactly what you want. I enjoy the paint-style graphics, which are nice and suit the game very well. Personally, I always like a visual memory challenge, and this really satisfies.

I must say, I am always in two minds about scoring this developer’s games, because some have a lot more levels to play than others. This one has a smaller number of levels, but is boosted by the fact that they manage to blend objects very cleverly into the scenes.

Graphically, the game looks good and the soundtrack is pretty enjoyable, too, as always. I like the combination of 360-degree and standard image levels. I do think that the game is short, but it’s in the right price range.


+ Nice graphics
+ Combination of standard and 360-degree levels
+ Great soundtrack
+ Achievements


- A bit short
- No trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Beauty and The Beast as a nice combination of standard and 360-degree panoramic levels. If you enjoy the Hidden Objects genre, you’ll like it.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10