Assemble with Care


Prepare to step into the shoes of Maria, a young lady who has spent her life in a small town growing up in her father’s antique shop. She has become quite the tinkerer over the years working with her father. As she reaches adolescence, she develops a longing for something more. One night she decides her fate; she packs her bag and leaves her home and family to seek her way in the world. She heads to Bellivara. Not knowing anyone there, she must find a place to stay and work to sustain herself. Soon her skills at fixing things begin to be noticed, and as she passes out flyers, she begins to get repair jobs and to meet the people of the city.

It isn't long until Maria is in high demand for fixing a wide assortment of things that people hold dear to their hearts. Along the way, she will glimpse into the intimate details of the many lives of Bellivara. Not only will it be a journey of self-discovery, but you will also discover how the little things in life can make a big difference in someone's present and future. For the next year, she will be helping the fine people of the city as she discovers herself & what she wants for the future.

Released & self-published on Mar 26, 2020, by the developer ustwo games, it is tagged Indie, Casual, Story Rich, Puzzle, Short, Cute. I have added no additional tags for the release. It features a sensational pastel hand-drawn graphic art style, complemented by superb voice acting. A soft-toned mellow soundtrack sets the mood of the scenes. As for the story . . . just "WOW"! Masterfully crafted, the stories are touching and thought-provoking. Expect a walk down memory lane as you get out your tools to repair nostalgic items from an era gone by. An interesting set of mechanics drives the game as you learn to master your repair skills.

I found the title to be part visual novel with a fun mix of puzzling repair work mixed with an incredible art style. It is a linear title, with no choices to make besides how to best fix the items you work on. The story is elegantly written with thought-provoking context. The hand-drawn art is of exemplary quality without the need for bulky graphics; the soft pastel drawing is appealing to the eyes and senses. I loved the experience from start to finish; I was trapped by the story-line, having to see where it led next. I must say I was blown away at the end, it is wonderfully crafted and heartwarming. The voice acting is top-notch work, a brilliant job by everyone involved in its creation. At the end of my playtime, all I can say is "Bravo" - I have been awed. Now it is time for you to decide if you wish to see the world through the eyes of Maria.

It is not often that I will award a game a score of 10, but I so totally enjoyed the title that I have no other choice. I have no real complaints besides that fact that I would have loved it to last longer.


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+ Fantastic Visual Art
+ Passionate Voice Acting
+ Elegant Soundtrack
+ Steam Achievements


- - No Steam Trading Cards (at this time)
- - No Controller Support

Review Summary

Assemble with Care: A Young Woman's Captivating & Heartfelt Journey of Discovery.

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Zeepond Rating: 10/10