Apsulov: End of Gods


In the age of ancient Norse Gods, a devastating evil is spreading across Yggdrasil. You are a creation of the evil force devouring the lands. While you try to escape from the underground prison holding you, and all hope seems lost, you are saved by a man who is trying to conquer the evil to save the world. He brings you back to his laboratory and repairs your wounds. In the process, you have been given a prosthetic arm to restore your broken body. The augmentation has great strength that is upgradeable and powered by Eithrium (a form of power). Working with Henrik you will travel through Borr Corp that is being overrun by the dark evil, to the very pits of Helheim as you try to piece together the truth of your existence and save the world from annihilation.

Released & self-published on Aug 8, 2019, by the developer Angry Demon Studio, and their second release on Steam. It is tagged Action, Adventure, Horror, Gore, Violent, I have added Casual, Atmospheric as well. It features a thrilling horror-based adventure with an intriguing story. A fabulous fantasy sci-fi world built upon Norse mythology. It has a wide range of difficulty settings to suit all level, from casual players to those who love a challenge. A fascinating set of mechanics delivers an engaging experience for the title.  Captivating visual effects; along with an entrancing soundtrack and audio effects, set the groundwork for your immersion in this forbidding world.

What an exhilarating experience! I had an amazing amount of fun during my play-through. It is a very imaginative game with its vast areas of exploration, uncanny atmosphere as well as the wicked evil that dwells in the world. Its mixture of stealth, combat, and exploration gives the game a unique style for the genre. I was stoked to have the opportunity to review the title, and was not let down in my expectations. I did get a little lost for a while about halfway through the game, as it is not entirely linear. The mechanics are fun and easy to learn.  The visual style is superb in its design, and paired with the audio, I was able to immerse myself into the epic journey that lay ahead. With a fair amount of re-playability with its multiple difficulty settings, it took me just over 9 hours for my first play-through on the second difficulty setting (I do love to explore every nook and cranny). Once you beat the game you will unlock God difficulty as well as Game+ which allows you to continue your game to find all the collectibles if you missed any. For the cost of the title you really can't go wrong.

Achievement hunters will want to note that to complete to 100% you will have to beat the game on all difficulties as well as beating timed play-throughs. I unlocked 17 of 39 my first game on the second difficulty. You do unlock lower difficulty achievements playing higher difficulties.

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!



+ Excellent Graphic Design
+ Notable Soundtrack
+ Eerie Audio Design
+ Imaginative Mechanics
+ Fun Casual Gameplay
+ Steam Achievements


- No Steam Trading Cards "as yet"

Review Summary

Apsulov: End of Gods; A Fascinating Horror Adventure in Norse Mythology. Can You Save the World from the Ancient Gods?

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10