Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy


It's 1953. Virginia Carter and the famous archaeologist Professor MacNara have embarked on a journey to find Columbus's lost ship. Several expeditions had been attempted before, but all the archaeologists vanished without a trace. After finding the 500-year-old Galleon in immaculate condition on a small island beach shore, Professor MacNara's excitement of being in front of this majestic vessel was so intense that he couldn't resist being the first one to jump on board, despite being warned by Virginia not to do so. And like the other archaeologists, he simply vanished! Help Virginia discover what happened to MacNara and the other archaeologists in Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy.

Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy is a hidden object game developed by Cerasus and published by HH-Games on the Steam platform on December 29, 2023.

The game starts on the beach in front of the Galleon after a brief introduction from Virginia Carter's perspective. The introduction includes several screenshots and a voice-over, which is nicely done.

The first part of the game will involve riding the Galleon, visiting rooms and decks, and then exploring the island, which has an additional 15 locations to discover, including an underwater area. You'll go back and forth between all the locations throughout your five hours of gameplay. What I find impressive in this game is the staggering number of hidden object stages; there’s one at every corner. You'll have to find objects by words or identify faded objects in the main panel at the bottom of your screen. Most of the objects are relatively easy to find, but a couple of them are cleverly placed, and I found myself clicking on the help button - a paintbrush in a jar - more often than ever before in this genre of game. You'll also have a few mini-games and puzzles, which are quite decent; some took me slightly longer than usual to figure out. Mini-games include finding the difference between images, finding your way out of a labyrinth, and connecting water flow to vegetables by rotating squares on a large grid. You'll also collect objects throughout the game that you need to activate puzzles or reach new areas.

It's probably one of the best hidden object games I have played for quite some time because of the sheer number of hidden object stages, fun mini-games, and puzzles. The voice-over at the start and end of the game is also a bonus.

Apart from an issue I had at the start when launching the game on a high resolution, the game ran well all the way through. As you would expect, the graphics are decent but of an old-generation style, being a republished game from 2010.

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+ Nice but outdated graphics
+ A large number of hidden object stages
+ Fun mini-games and puzzles
+ Fun little story
+ Voice-over introduction and ending
+ Good price point


- No achievements
- No trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy has a hidden object stage at every corner, fun mini-games and puzzles and a reasonable price point.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10