Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend


Citizens of the Earth, as you know, our planet has been under attacked from Aliens for quite some time and despite our global military effort, most countries have fallen. Our scientists have been working around the clock to upgrade and develop new weapons to give the rest of us a slight chance of defeating the Alien invaders. We now possess new technologies which we believe can defeat these cruel monsters, but we are short of military personnel. As you picked up a military flyer, you are requested to present yourself immediately to the nearest military centre to join the force. With you and our new equipment, we can beat these Alien and take back our planet!

Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend is a top-down action shooter developed and self-published by  
Sigma Team Inc. on the Steam platform on the 23rd of January 2020. The game is also available on mobile devices and can found on Google Play and the App Store! 

The game consists of four sectors involving multiple locations and 3 to 8 missions per site to complete. After selecting the level of difficulty, you’ll start your journey in the first sector, the MAGMA base, which you need to clear of Aliens.

The main screen before each mission is the HQ where you’ll find several characters and stations to interact with. You’ll be able to buy, sell or repair weapons and armour, use implants to give your character a boost on their skills, create new weapons, upgrade your fusion launcher (a weapon carried on one of your character’s shoulders) and a storage compartment.

When you are ready to jump into a mission, just click on the character who has an exclamation point in his dialogue icon above his head. Then you’ll be given three tasks per mission; if you manage to achieve these tasks within the stage, you’ll be rewarded with a golden star and a sum of money for each of the three assignments you successfully complete.   

I personally like the mission variation in this game. In one, you’ll move through a level and have to kill all Aliens. In another, you have to stay alive for a few minutes and survive an onslaught of Alien waves; you even have a bit of a tower defence genre when you use a large machine gun and wipe out wave after wave of enemy coming onto your position.

Some Aliens will drop items such as weapons, implants and other types of goodies for you to pick up and use, sell or store when you are back in your HQ. What is extremely important in this game is to have enough medkits, grenades and power cells for your fusion launcher in your inventory before starting a mission. It’s is also a good idea to repair your armour and your drone before starting the next mission. However, it will cost you a fair bit of money each time you do so. One way to make money is to sell items, weapons and armour you pick up during each battle, but you’ll be limited, and if you take too many items, your character will slow down and probably die. You might die a few times in the first sector, but it will become more frequent from the second sector onward. So, make sure you have the best weapon you can afford in each mission.

When you die, you’ll be back at your HQ, but you will only keep your armour and certain weapons, including grenades, medkits and power cells. Any other items will remain in the place you died. The good news is that you can recover all your items when you hover over your white coffin, which you’ll find in the same place that you died.

The graphics could have been a little more polished in my view, but my main issue with this game is the fact that you frequently get stuck into walls, which is a shame because the game has a lot of content, is fun and  pretty addictive. It’s really annoying to have to restart a level because of this, and it has significantly impacted my scoring.


+ Fours sectors to complete with plenty of missions
+ Great arsenal to choose from and create
+ Good numbers of different Aliens
+ Fun to play and very addictive
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Graphics could have been polished a little bit better
- Frequently getting stuck into walls

Review Summary

Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend: You have been mobilized to save the world from the Alien invaders!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10