Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars


Good afternoon to you, Ladies and Gents. As you are well aware, mankind has had different styles of entertainment throughout centuries.  One of the most documented examples is the glorious and bloody Roman Gladiator Games. Well, if I tell you that we have discovered a similar type of game, where Martians (and I am not talking about the British here), robots and humans fight against each other in a confined area, I bet you’ll want to see . . . hey?! All you have to do is to tune in to Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars.   

Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars is a multiplayer action game where you take control of one of ten available characters.

You’ll be able to play this game in different type of modes, such as the all mighty Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Tactics and even a One Versus One mode.  There are over twenty maps to play and most of them are small and compact.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward; after choosing a time limit or a certain number of kills or frags, as the game calls it, you’ll jump straight into battle! For example, if you decide to create a Capture the Glag Game with no time limit but ten frags, your team has to capture ten flags to win the game.

In terms of the gameplay, it’s what you would probably expect. Truly fast and furious, in a nutshell! Most of the maps are confined. As you move around, you’ll pick up armour, ammunitions and extra health, but most importantly, weapons. You can’t miss them; they are located on very small platforms and you’ll have up to ten different ones per map. All weapons have two types of firing modes at your disposal. You’ll do plenty of jumping and shooting and it can be absolutely hectic when you face several opponents at once.

Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars is mostly a multiplayer game. However, you can setup a server and add bots for a practice run. Personally, I played with my friend PistonSmashed and for some reason, we had to settle on a British server to be able to play. Saying that, we met a few people who were fun to play with. You can see a few of our games on our Zeepond channel to get a good understanding of the game.

Graphically, the game is just ok in my opinion, but what you are probably looking for is the gameplay, which is great. In regards to the controls, they are fine and responsive. Personally, I haven’t experience any issue playing the game so far; the game runs smoothly as far as I can tell.


+ Dozens of maps
+ 10 characters to choose from
+ Easy to play and very addictive
+ Old style First Person Shooter
+ Plenty of re-playability
+ Achievements


- I’d like to see the graphics a little more polished
- No trading cards

Review Summary

 A fun, fast and furious old-style multiplayer game. If you are a lover of this genre, it’s definitely a game to consider as your next purchase.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10