A Salem Witch Trial - Murder Mystery


On the outskirts of the town of Salem, a couple have been found dead at their farm! The farmer was struck by a heavy object, while his wife suffered from the same strange illness that has affected many other people in town. Are these brutal murders, or the work of a witch? That’s what you have to determine with the people of Salem.

A Salem Witch Trial is a visual novel where the reader follows the perspective of one of the inhabitants of the town of Salem.

As many of you know, the Town of Salem was famous for the trial of several people (mostly women) who were suspected of practising witchcraft! These trials started in February 1692 and ended in May 1693. The story starts in the thick of this era.  Your character is an inhabitant of the town, and he is awakened in the middle of the night by a large mob that has gathering in the town square. From here, your character will be made aware of a rumour – that the daughter of the couple who was found dead at their farm is a witch, and you will be asked to be part of the search to find her. A map will be distributed with an initial eight locations to visit, and additional locations will be added as the story progresses. In each of the locations, your persona will meet a new character and ask questions about the so-called witch, as well as about the strange plague that has affected the food supplies and the people in the town. The plot is pretty easy to figure out but there are a couple of twists that might make you think otherwise.

Each of the locations has very artistic images which reflect the era extremely well. What I appreciate in this game is that there are several suspects in regards to what is happening within the town. Towards the end of the game, your character will be asked if he found the witch, or if he found other information, the result of which will create different endings. The soundtrack is pretty good. I must say that the game is fairly short, taking around one hour to finish, or a little bit longer if you decide to find all the endings. I also found a few spelling mistakes here and there.


+ Nice painted style of artwork
+ Interesting characters and story
+ Nice soundtrack
+ Achievements


- Short visual novel
- No trading cards as yet.

Review Summary

A short but enjoyable visual novel with beautiful artwork.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10