9th Dawn III


9th Dawn lll, a surprisingly well-detailed 2D, Hack and Slash, RPG. Trek through the lands of Cedaltia, taking on missions, quests and uncovering the truth.

Another dark day going through the sewers, training and honing my skills, when I get summoned by the village elder who asks if I could help out a nearby village.

Going through old ruins and solving puzzles trying to get to my destination on time, the world around me is dark and featureless.  Getting lost seems easy and also dangerous, as it is full of dangerous creatures and monsters.

I Take the danger head-on and slash through my enemies one by one in order to uncover the mysteries of the land.

Gameplay; 9th Dawn takes a unique and impressive take on 2D Hack and Slash gameplay within a massive open-world. Although at first glance the game appears to be a simple Hack and Slash RPG, but it’s far from it. The game sets the bar high with its extremely detailed world.

The base gameplay is simple and brings a familiar RPG flavor to the table with its simple 2D movement with point and hold attack gameplay.

Traditional W, A, S, D movement with space to perform long flips. With its top-down world and 2D graphic, the traditional movement and its unique space to flip movement mechanics works flawlessly.

Combat; 9th Dawn uses a point click and hold style of combat mechanics. Point and click around to target approaching enemies. With its top-down view and smooth 2D movement and long flips, 9th dawn’s combat system is very enjoyable.

Surprisingly, 9th dawn’s combat sequences are well detailed and polished. Enemies will charge at you from multiple angles and you’ll have to continuously attack, defend, and heal yourself to stay alive.

The attention to detail is truly commendable, with so much detailed work put into a top-down Pixelated world. Interior and exterior designs were well made with a well-implemented lighting system to complement it.

An important aspect of any RPG is its item interaction and inventory management. At first, it seems the game’s inventory management and items sorting are nothing new, but it turns out to be huge and can take some time to get used to. The game features hundreds of items. And that’s where the sorting button comes in handy.

Crafting, trading, and equipping the correct load-out played an important role in the quests to follow. In the beginning, you are given a low-end weapon with no armor but as the game progresses you will have to collect, sell, and trade your way to better equipment.

Attributes, Abilities, and Skills; Each play an important role in the game. For the most part, the game fails to convey the importance of attributes, skills, and abilities. It took me some time to figure out how this works and which attributes, skills and abilities impact my overall player stats.

World design: the game brings a massive playable area to the 2D hack and slash world. It’s beautiful and well detailed, and implements impressive lighting effects with a 24-hour day and night cycle. There are quite a few regions to visit and each has there own highlights.

Map: without a doubt, the in-game Map and Mini-map are the worst aspects of the game. Maps are supposed to have players navigate the world with ease. But in this case, the map and mini-map created more confusion rather than helping me navigate the world. There are no clear indications or names before visiting and interacting with that area, which creates a lot of confusion for newer players. There are two buttons on the map - places and fishing - which doesn’t help if you don’t visit those areas. And there is no marker placement feature yet, which is a must.

Considering all aspects of the game, 9th Dawn lll is an amazing 2D hack and slash RPG experience with a massive world to explore and hundreds of creatures to slay.


Review written by BiteMexD for Zeepond.com!


+ Decent story
+ Solid 2D, hack and slash gameplay
+ Massive world to explore
+ Decent puzzles
+ Great attention to detail
+ Large assortment of characters, monsters, and creatures
+ Character customization
+ Smooth movement machines


- Confusing map
- Doesn’t explain well about Abilities, Skills, and Attributes early on
- Can’t place markers in the map
- AutoSave doesn’t work; needs manual save

Review Summary

Flip around the world with your trusty sword in hand, and slash through your enemies like butter.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10