10 Miles To Safety


10 Miles to Safety is a fantastic top-down zombie shooter. With an excellent implementation of CO-OP with up to 4 players, 10MTS provides a great zombie survival environment.

Plot: Experiment went wrong, people are being infected by an unknown virus. The social structure seems to be collapsing. Infected people are turning into brainless bloodthirsty zombies, killing their fellow men without remorse.

Uninfected people are scrambling for their lives, looting anything and everything to keep themselves alive.

An announcement on the radio . . . there is a safe zone only 10 miles away. Now you must get 10 miles to safety. 10 miles may be close but the journey won’t be easy.

The infection is spreading like wildfire. Traveling during daytime dangerous, and nights are worse. The best way of staying alive is to loot and gather as much as you can during day time and buckle up for the night.

People scramble to find shelter before the darkness covers the streets; they must build up defenses before dark and resume the journey to safety in the morning.

There is not much hope but you must fight on.

Gameplay: 10MTS’s base gameplay consists of Top-down, point and click style gameplay, using WASD to evade incoming slow-moving zombies and attack back.

Right from the get-go, you will be given a handy bat and a pistol, with a shotgun nearby. These basic weapons will be enough to get you going and it’s pretty easy to find more weapons and ammo.

For the most part, 10MTS’s point and click style combat works just fine, but occasionally I felt sluggish movement and lag.

It’s kinda odd that the amount of ammo you can get throughout the world; it breaks the post-apocalyptic survival atmosphere. And not just ammo, almost everything (except better weapons) is abundant throughout the world.

Crafting: Overly simplified, and combined with the abundant amount of resources, it took the fun out of crafting.

Building: Throughout the day you will be looting and collecting resources to survive the night. This means you will be collecting building materials to defend your night shelter as well. Although the defenses seem to be unable to hold back the undead, they will provide you with enough time to defend your shelter with ease.

For the most part, building defenses are easy and can be put together almost anywhere with ease. The game allows you to build barricades, barbed wire parameters and automated turret systems.

During CO-OP sessions, only one person in your squad needs to have blueprints and enough materials to build up defenses.

As previously mentioned, building defenses is not enough; zombies can break through, so maintaining a constant watch is a must.

Looting: 10MTS features a large number of different items to collect. You can loot resources from dead bodies, houses, airdrops, boxes, etc.

Although the game features a large variety of items to loot, the abundant quantity of these items breaks the game's immersion.

Events: As you progress through the world, you will encounter a variety of events, and come across survivors to defend and infected to kill. These events may prove high risk, high reward; by completing said events you may get bonus gear, blueprints, or AI companions.

For the most part these events play out nicely, but some events are put into place in a small area, which makes defense hard and puts survivors in the line of fire.

Characters: There are seven unique characters to choose from, each bringing their own unique advantages to the table. This allows you to choose characters depending on your different play styles.

Visuals: Visually pleasing. 10MTS seems to try its best to portray a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, but the visuals, color, and world design doesn't resonate well with the theme.

Sound effects: Although nothing special can be said about 10MTS’s sound effects and choices, I give them kudos for making them theme-appropriate, which gives the game a much-needed flare.

Considering all aspects of the game, 10MTS is nowhere near perfect. But with a strong start, enjoyable base gameplay, future content updates, and some adjustments. 10MTS can be a great zombie survival game.


Review written by BiteMexD for Zeepond.com!


+ Decent plot
+ Interesting concept
+ Strong base gameplay
+ Decent top-down, point-and-click combat
+ Theme-appropriate sound effects
+ Decent healing and crafting system
+ Defense building system


- Aiming issues, moving the mouse doesn’t always move the character properly
- No map
- Abundant items and ammo throughout the world
- Random lags, and shudders

Review Summary

Survive the night for a new tomorrow and set out for the 10 miles to safety.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10