Suggestion for Zeepond 2.0: Make the forums XenForo-based

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Suggestion for Zeepond 2.0: Make the forums XenForo-based was created by ActuallyImJerome

XenForo is a widely-used forum website.

It's practically bug free, has a lot of options to stop spammers and is very easy to configure and use.

Here are a few pros and cons that I personally see with changing to xenforo.

+Easy to configure

Configuring XenForo will be very easy for admins, and if you ever need help, I'm pretty experienced with XenForo so you can hit me up.

+Better user interface

XenForo has a better user interface and has a lot more option and feedback than the software currently used (no offence to the developer). For example, if a post needs to be approved, a box of text will appear explaining that it needs to be approved. There are notifications for threads. Lots of things that will make the user want to come to the forums more.

+Rich text editor

Xenforo has a text editor that is way easier to use by the user than the current one.
Here are a few screenshots of a xenforo text editor I got from another website:

+Bug free

XenForo is practically bug free. I have used xenforo for a lot of time and it is a very comfortable experience.

+Breathtaking moderator interface

As a former moderator and administrator of many websites, I can say that XenForo has probably the best and most developed moderator interface. It's easy to promote people as moderators or give them special ranks. Reports appear as notifications, moderators can claim reports, there are many punishment methods for rule breakers, it's pretty much moderator heaven.


There are a lot of addons and styles for you to make the forum experience best for all of us.

-We will lose all the current forum content

If we decide to start using xenforo, we will have to lose all our current forum content. However, I'm sure it will get filled up again as people will want to join the forums more and we will get a lot more activity.


Having a XenForo licence is pretty expensive.

It's $140. I know this is a lot, but hey. I think it might be worth it with all the pros it will bring.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion for ZeePond2 and you obviously don't need to do it. Please tell me what you think. If you have questions about how the software works, feel free to ask me here or privately. I administrated and moderated many xenforo websites and I'm pretty used to how it works.

Have a great day!
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22 Jun 2017 22:51 #561

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Replied by The_Cpt_FROGGY on topic Suggestion for Zeepond 2.0: Make the forums XenForo-based

Hey mate,

Thank you for the info.

Will have to check this out.


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22 Jun 2017 22:58 #562

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