The Blind Prophet Is Nearly Crowdfunded And Heading To MAC!

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The Blind Prophet Is Nearly Crowdfunded And Heading To MAC! was created by Piston Smashed™

The Blind Prophet Is Nearly Crowdfunded And Heading To MAC!

The Blind Prophet is a Point 'n' Click adventure and narrative game. Explore the corrupted city of Rotbork, and brave the Great Evil that lurks within. Lead the apostle Bartholomeus through a comic book-style experience. The Blind Prophet offers a mature look at the Point 'n' Click genre. The gameplay and experience builds its foundation on a strong storyline, a sense of fluidity and a darkly pleasing ambience. Bartholomeus has a destiny, a divine mission that must be fulfilled. As an Apostle chosen by God, he must eternally come back on Earth to protect God's children from the corruption of demonic influence. We played plenty of Point 'n' Click games to spot the best and the worse of the genre. Our main inspirations come from the great LucasArts titles like the Broken Sword series and Bladerunner.

The Building of Rotbork
Designing and drawing such a big city is as complex as it is exciting. The environment is a big part of the game's depth and richness, it has to be coherent architecturally but also varied and have some specific elements that make its design unique. In the beginning, Gore Bay and Rotbork were two separate small towns, but with the growth of the economy, Gore Bay was integrated into Rotbork. The architecture shows the progression from an ancient town to a modern city.

We are proud of the initial players' reaction to our Kickstarter campaign! At the moment of writing this message, we already managed to secure 2/3 of our goal with 20 days still to go! We are not willing to stop yet though, so we are happy to announce that The Blind Prophet will be released, along with the PC version, on a MAC platform too! To check the current progress, please check us out on Kickstarter - The Blind Prophet

The 66% milestone at such an early stage is naturally a big thing for us, but there is one more proof of how well players rate The Blind Prophet. The user score on the platforms where the demo is released stays at maximum level from the day of the premiere, with 5/5 on and 100% on Gamejolt!

The whole crowdfunding campaign is an excellent opportunity for us to learn and improve our demo. The current version (v0.4.0) offers a much better English translation. It is also free of many bugs, reported by our fantastic supporters. We invite you warmly to try out the updated demo of our game. It will let you learn about the beginning of The Blind Prophet's story and test out the mechanics we implemented. We can't wait to find out what you think about it. Fancy trying the game out, the demo can be found Here

Are you still unsure if it's a good idea to try it out? Watch our Kickstarter trailer to know what to expect:

The Blind Prophet features:
• Traditional Point & Click mechanics,
• Mind-bending puzzles,
• A world full of charismatic characters, ready to talk and interact with,
• Ethical choices which drive the narration,
• Comic Art style cinematics,
• A strong storyline about philosophy, redemption and moral struggle.

About The Team
Baptiste Miny - CEO, Creative/Art director
Former Illustrator and concept artist for big studios as well as indie devs, he then created Ars Goetia in order to be totally free to build his own games.

Clement Willay - Programmer
He is the kind of person who works on a project for the "love of working together" and makes excellent, smooth, working programmation. Incredibly kind and skillful, he is definitely the best partner in crime for game creation.

12 Followers/Meteo Xavier
(Real name Jeff Lawhead) - Composer
Jeff came as a mysterious and dark composer, with frightening ambiences and intriguing compositions... exactly what we needed!

Arthur - Composer, Sound Director, Creative & Management Advisor
Arthur has long been an acquaintance and friend; he's also one of the main creative directors at Hibernian Workshop (currently making Dark Devotion). He provides us tremendous sounds and compositions to create a realistic, and a deep, "metallic" atmosphere.

The game will be released this year on PC and MAC. Further platforms announcements are possible at a later date. It all depends on the success of the current Kickstarter campaign.

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