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Ataemasu Kickstarter Fund was created by Piston Smashed™

Our friends over at Team Syukino have started a kickstarter fund to help them develop their next game Ataemasu. They need your help with this project, the kickstarter funding is "All or Nothing" and if the goal isn't reached by a specific date then sadly the game will be cancelled. In the past games Team Syukino have paid for development out of their own pocket but this time round, need help with costs towards the artists who will create the NSFW characters and scenes, hire extra help and Steam fees.

So if you can help back Team Syukino's Ataemasu then please do so and lets bring their latest game to life. Ataemasu's kickstarter page can be found below.
Ataemasu is a 18+ VN that features the role of Kaine.
Kaine (Pronounced KAI-NAE) is a young man guilty of a crime he didn't commit and in order to atone for his "sins" he will have to be forced to enroll in Alestair Academy. An all girls college as punishment. The judge, thinking Kaine is gay, sees this as the best form of punishment. What he doesn't realize is that he gave Kaine exactly what he wanted. Join Kaine as he "struggles" through his "atonement" in a college filled with cute girls and some surprises. Build your bonds with fellow students and engage in some selective debauchery all the while keeping your head out of trouble and your grades up.

About Team Syukino:
Team Syukino is an independent game developer and publisher that has made games for the past 10 years. Mainly games have only been seen in the public eye since august of 2017 on Steam. For more info on Team Syukino, checkout the Team Syukino Publisher on Steam.

Risks and Challenges:
The risk is that I have to pay artists for the NSFW art used in the special scenes and they aren't always guaranteed to deliver, but I can always get other ones if they fail. The challenge is that I need money in order to create these characters' scenes and for the steam fee. Some of the game is already there.

*Each NSFW scene is about 160 dollars. There will be 8 planned nude scenes.* I also have to hire extra help and pay the Steam fee so all the money from this will be used indefinitely in the project.

Any and all pledges will greatly be appreicated. :)
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