Vertical Strike Endless Challenge


Beep….Beep….Beep…. there’s that signal again! Grab your helmet and run as fast as you can across the runway towards your fighter jet!  Strap yourself in as tight as you can because this mission is the Vertical Strike Endless Challenge.

Vertical Strike Endless Challenge is an action / arcade flying simulator where you take control of a fighter jet in air-to-air or air-to-ground (at sea) combat.

As you land (figure of speech) on the menu page, you will have access to a few options. The first one is to select your arcade modes, see your achievements or have a quick look at the options. I guess you’ll do exactly what I did and click on to the arcade mode. After that, you can choose your mode of combat; it could be an anti-air or anti-ship combat. Then you can select between two aircraft, and when you have done so, you can modify its loadout. If you choose to play the anti-air mode, load your planes with as many air-to-air missiles as possible; you’ll need the right balance between bombs and missiles in the anti-ship mode.  Then when you are ready, open the hangar door and brace yourself for a hell of a fight!

The gameplay consists of eliminating wave after wave of fighter jets in the Anti-Air mode, and wave after wave of ships and jets in the Anti-ship mode, and to stay alive as long as you can, which can be quite challenging. The beauty of this game is that you don’t have to learn the hard way how to fly a plane, from take-off to fighting and landing. All you need to worry about is keeping your jet in the air and eliminate waves of enemies. Talking about waves, every five waves you will come across a stronger opponent, like a boss, if you like. If you succeed these levels, your planes will receive additional ammunition (missiles, bombs and bullets).

If you are a true flight simulator fan who likes learning the hard curves of the game and instruments, this game will probably not be to fulfilling, but if you are looking for a fun dogfight, then Vertical Strike Endless Challenge is game to look at.

Graphically, it’s average. The controls are really responsive either on the gamepad or the mouse and keyboard. 


+ Fun and easy to get into
+ Endless waves of enemies
+ Great controls
+ Achievements


- Need more fighter jets to choose from
- No trading cards

Review Summary

Want to experience a fun and challenging dog fight? Well, grab your gear and jump into Vertical Strike Endless Challenge!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10


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