Prison Run and Gun


Living in a small room (1.8 X 2.4 meters) for most of your days is rather confronting, especially if you’re claustrophobic. Well, this has been your life for quite a while since you were sentenced and sent to prison. There are more downsides than upsides in this type of establishment, but today is different. A prisoner has created chaos in the joint and this might be your opportunity to finally escape this hell hole. Make your run for freedom in Prison Run and Gun!    

Prison Run and Gun is an action / platformer game where you take control of an inmate and try to escape a prison facility throughout 30 levels.

What do you need to successfully escape a prison? Well, you probably need a detailed plan of the building, which you don’t have. All you know is that you have to reach the other side of each room you enter to get closer to freedom. 

At the start of each level, your character will only carry the conventional orange prison suit. The puzzles are quite simple and consist of destroying crates, explosive barrels and activating switches within a stage to be able to reach the next room. There are other obstacles, such as mines, flying objects carrying mines, still machine guns, electric barriers, fire, round saws, men on flying missiles and waiters who are carrying mines for your main meal. The good news is that you will be able to destroy most of these objects, with the exception of the saws.

Look for cases, as they have items such as guns, grenades and helmets which you’ll need to successfully clear a stage. Bear in mind that grenades come in short supply. There is also a case which holds a key within each level and they are usually the hardest to reach.

The gameplay is fun and simple; your character jumps around, destroys obstacles with guns or his helmet and if you die, you restart the level until you succeed. It’s not a really difficult game but it’s very addictive.  I really like the pixel artwork and I enjoy the funky music but it would have been nice to have more tracks. The controls work perfectly whether you use a gamepad or the keyboard, which is great. Another good point - this game is well priced for its content. Marvellous!


+ Great pixel artwork
+ 30 levels to beat
+ Well-designed levels
+ Fun and addictive gameplay
+ Good price point
+ Achievement and trading cards


- Needs to be slightly harder
- Needs more tracks (music)

Review Summary

This is your time to make a run for freedom in Prison Run and Gun. Fun and addictive platformer at an excellent price!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10