Mr. Donovan


Your mission is to find and explore distant planets; that’s what astronauts do! After successfully initiating a light jump, your spaceship re-appears right in the middle of an asteroid belt. The shield warning is pumping up every few seconds until it goes down. And then the inevitable occurs . . . an asteroid strikes your vessel causing extreme damage. Your only hope is to survive a crash landing on a totally unknown planet. Good luck, Mr. Donovan!

Mr. Donovan is an Action / Adventure game where you control an astronaut who is stranded on an unknown planet. His mission is to find resources to repair his spaceship and also to defend it from incoming waves of aliens.

But before you do so, you can take a small tutorial where you will learn the fundamentals of the game, including how to fight and how to guide your astronaut within the environment. Or you can just jump right into the game and find out by yourself while playing!

First, you’ll need to find your spaceship crash site. Look for the pentagon transport platform tiles; you will need to have the right resources to be able to use them.  Therefore, make sure to look around and collect all available resources to use the platform. Every time you use the platform, you’ll get closer to the crash site. When you find it, you can use the ship console. Here, you can upgrade and repair your spaceship, unlock and equip new abilities, purchase items or even track the pets you captured. Remember, everything costs a specific number of resources (apart from the pets).   

The game play is rather fun! Your character has three different utensils within his inventory: a sword, a pickaxe and a cannon of some sort. As you explore the planet, you will come across giant flowers, robots, dragons, aliens and other fun enemies. You will also find resource points (well, that’s what I call them); use your pickaxe on them and you’ll collect several types of resources. You’ll be able to use your pickaxe on flowers as well as on blue and yellow cracks on the surface of the planet. They can reveal resources, healing and energy recharge to restore your character’s health and energy. They could also reveal traps and considerably damage your astronaut health. There are tiles with signs on them; step on them and you’ll activate fire traps, electric traps (flying balls) and more.  A very important point - make sure to download your resources onto your ship during the course of the day and not at night. In the event of death, you will lose all resources that you were carrying.

When you win a battle against an enemy, pretty much hack and slash with your melee weapons; they usually drop a blood point or a respect point which you’ll need to upgrade your weapons and suit at the ship console.

Visually, Mr. Donovan looks very good and I really like the environments on the planet. The only downside at this stage is the limitation in regards to the resolution - the highest you can go is 1920 x 1080. The soundtrack is good and rather calming, I must say. In regards to the controls, I would like to see them smoother and the cursor needs to be more obvious. A few bugs here and there as you would expect on an early access title. 


+ Good graphics
+ Interesting enemies
+ Large number of upgrades and items to purchase
+ Achievements


- Controls need to be tweaked a bit
- Need to have a better cursor (more obvious)
- No Trading cards

Review Summary

An astronaut stranded on an unknown planet full of strange creatures, but also full of resources to repair Mr. Donovan’s Spaceship! 

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10