Kero Blaster


Well, would you believe it or not the president of the Cat and Frog Inc is pretty dirty right now! I am sure you would be the same if you were at her place. After all, strange creatures are all over the company teleporters and must be eliminated. That’s a job for an amphibian, without a doubt!   Only a frog can come to the rescue!

Kero Blaster is a 2D Pixel Platformer where you take control of a rather smart and talented frog (frogs are like that, you know) and your goal is to eliminate seven interesting bosses.

Before you get to the thick of it, you need to know how to control your well-armed frog. After selecting your languages (nine in total), your cute, green amphibian will stand in the middle of an office with rather weird black creatures. When you eliminate them all, make sure to pick up the phone on the main table. That’s basically the tutorial.

Next you’ll meet the angry president of the Cat and Frog Inc; you won’t really understand what she’s on about but you‘ll get the feeling that it’s pretty negative. For your part, you are getting ready to swim through all seven levels, which are short but well-designed. You are going to fight some interesting opponents: bats, flies, turrets, lizards (at least, I think they’re lizards), and many others. At the start of your epic journey, you will be armed with one weapon (a laser thingy) but as you go alone and beat bosses, you will earn three additional ones (bubble guns and flamethrowers). You will also receive a jetpack which will give you the ability to double jump, and a jacket because you can get cold quickly. Just kidding, it is a small protection. In terms of health, you’ll start with three hearts. Each time you get hit, you’ll lose a heart. Lose all of them and you will restart from a saving point. Very important - you have only three lives at your disposition per game. If don’t manage to clear the level with your three lives, you’ll start the level all over again. As you eliminate your enemies or clear all objects from the stage, some of them will drop hearts, extra life or coins. Small coins will give you one point and the large one, ten points. There are also chests which hold a multitude of coins and can be handy before reaching the stores. Did I mention stores? Yes I did, and there are two types of stores, one selling weapons and one selling drugs. In the weapons store you can upgrade your current weapons if you have the right number of coins, or you can purchase additional hearts (which is actually a good idea) to help you finish the level.

In terms of gameplay it is pretty good; the bosses are fun and some are pretty tricky to beat. Kero Blaster is very well balanced, in my opinion. In regards to the controls, I tried both. The game seems to be harder to play on the keyboard than the gamepad. Graphically, it is fun pixel artwork and I am very fond of the frog. The soundtrack is fun and suits the game very well.


+ The main character is a frog ;)
+ Good artwork
+ Fun, addictive and great re-playability value
+ Nicely designed levels
+ Good price
+ Achievements and trading cards


- I would love to have more abilities (bombs etc)

Review Summary

Take control of an almighty frog in a fun platformer game. Just get it!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10


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