Race Online


The pressure is as high as it can possibly be. Straps tight, nomex suit and a helmet. Ten drivers are on the edge, their eyes fixed on the starting lights. As soon as the three lights turn green, the season will be on its way! The question is, which position would you be standing in at the end of the season?

Race online is a top down racing game where you take control of a car, a bike or a UFO, and race either against nine other competitors handled by the computer, or challenge nine of your friends on a local multiplayer mode.

The main menu will give you access to what type of modes you’d like to play. You will have the choice to play single player, career mode, a single race, a time trial or a local multiplayer game. The career mode consists of three seasons. In season one, you’ll race on five different tracks with a fairly easy difficulty status. In the second season, the difficulty will increase significantly around ten tracks and the last season will consist of fifteen tracks with a high level of difficulty. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible to become the champion and earn a large amount of money. If you don’t want to play the career mode, why not try your luck on one of many single tracks, or beat your last lap in the time trial! You will indeed receive money if you win a single race but the amount will be notably lower than the career mode. Otherwise, you can start a local game with your friends.

You can play online by hosting or searching for a game, but I must admit that I’m having difficulty finding online players at this stage.

Another option is available for the creative mind by jumping straight into the editor mode, which is rather fun and gives you plenty of re-playability. Create your own tracks and see if you can reach the highest position on the podium.

Gameplay-wise, it is fun and addictive. It can become quite challenging depending on the track and their obstacles. As you earn money, you will be able to purchase other vehicles available to you. However, they all have their own specification and you will need to adjust your driving style to successfully win a race or a season.

Graphically, Race Online looks good and the controls are responsive whether you use the keyboard or a game pad. I personally prefer to use the gamepad for this game. 


+ Nice graphics
+ Plenty of tracks
+ Track editor
+ Several modes of play
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Need more vehicles
- Hard to find an online game

Review Summary

Rev up your engines! Requires a good level of skill to reach the top of the podium in Race Online! 

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10


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