Spaceship Looter


There are many things to discover in deep space and you never really know what you’ll see. That is if you are a space explorer, of course.  But you fearless mercenaries who are looking for drifting, crewless spaceships throughout the galaxy, you know what treasures they may hold. True, most of the spaceships are becoming homes for Aliens, but what the heck, its time for Spaceship Looter!

Spaceship Looter is an action roguelike game where you take control of one of five selectable characters (with one available at the start and four to unlock /rescue) whose mission is to loot spaceships infested by aliens and survive as long as possible.

Each of your mercenaries will have a number of health and accuracy points, and a specific skill.

Before you enter a ship, you must have a look at the tutorial, which is very short and will give you a good overview of what to expect and familiarise you with the controls. Then you are ready to enter the cantine of the mercenary ship. There are three other rooms which will be closed at this point. However, they will be accessible as soon as you rescue the right room occupant within the levels. When you are ready to jump into the infested spaceship, just move your mercenary onto the big green square to start the level.

There are three levels per ship. In the first two, you will need to clear each room of aliens, pick up ammunition, keys, health packs, credits and blue crystals. Each time you eliminate an enemy, it will drop credits and occasionally a blue crystal. Accumulate as many credits as possible and use them on the arcade machine to upgrade your skill.   You can use the crystal to respawn after you die (you need a specific number of crystals per level), or to purchase attributes at the store room (you must first rescue the room occupant). Keys open crates where you might get new weapons, health packs or components, such as mines, health regeneration and others.  The third level is fighting the boss of the ship; beat him and plenty of rewards will come your way. On top of that you will rescue another mercenary which you will be able to use on your next game play.

The gameplay is great! Not only does each spaceship randomly regenerate, but you don’t know how many enemies will spawn within each room and what fire sequences they might have. This game can be very challenging from the first room you enter, which is fabulous. Oh, I almost forgot . . . you can interact with some objects within each room. Some can be thrown to your enemies and explode on impact and others will bounce back and forth inflecting damage each time they touch an enemy.

The graphics are good and the controls are very responsive, whether you use a gamepad or your mouse and keyboard.


+ Nice graphics
+ Randomly regenerated levels
+ Hectic gameplay – fun and addictive
+ 5 characters to choose from (four to unlock)
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Difficult to throw interactive objects in the right direction

Review Summary

This game is great fun - definitely one to own and start looting!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10