Samorost 3


Music can make you feel calm, reflective, jovial and many other sensations. But can music solve a predicament for a space gnome? You see, several of his neighbouring planets have experienced fierce attacks from the three-headed space monster. Luckily, a magic flute dropped from the Galaxy right on his doorstep! Come on guys, let’s help this space gnome in Samorost 3!

Samorost 3 is an adventure / point and click /puzzle game where you control a space gnome who has a magic flute to help him resolve puzzles.

Your character will visit five planets (including the one you start the game on) throughout this adventure. Before your cute little gnome can travel from one planet to another he has to collect specific and unconventional items to create a flying thing. 

As there is no dialogue in Samorost 3, your gnome will respond with a positive, negative or even a surprise “mmh” depending on what he is interacting with. Most of the animals and insects can be clicked on, as can the people.  Each different interaction will create a different reaction.  For instance, a bug can fall out of the tree if has been touched (poor little thing). Touch a parrot and it might sing. As your character explores the planets, he will come across some items, such as trees, holes and other characters, that will project sound waves (icons); make sure he uses his magic flute on them as they will give him important hints for solving puzzles via a small animation scene. You can refer to the book of hints (the book with the two closed eyes) for further help. To be honest with you, the puzzles are not too difficult to figure out and they are well-designed. But if you need a hand, click on the book (in the game menu) and align the red lights on its cover - it will show you what to do next.

The artwork and the soundtrack are just sensational, in my opinion. The game runs very well and it is easy to play for all ages. I found the menu a bit confusing at first; I kicked myself out of the game by mistake, but the auto save was there to rescue my progress. 


+ Superb artworks & soundtrack
+ Nice puzzles
+ Book of hints
+ Achievements and trading cards


- A bit short

Review Summary

Stunning artwork and soundtrack with well-designed puzzles. Samorost 3 is well executed!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10