A world of four hearts needs to be protected from incoming colour meteorites, and all angles must be covered. What’s amazing is that an infamous and dangerous animal will help you to protect the world; I’ll give it to you straight . . . it’s a snake! Dare to play? Jump into BOROS!

BOROS is an action / puzzle game where you control a snake in order to protect a world which contains four hearts.

This game has several modes of play: Adventure, Match 3, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Ghost and the Versus local mode.

Before I go into more details about the modes, let’s talk about the gameplay. Essentially, you have a snake, which sits on the surface of a sphere. The snake has a head, body sections and a tail and each of them has a specific colour. Colour projectiles (meteorites) will come down or up from all 360 degrees (not at once, of course) and you’ll have to catch them by positioning the right body parts and colours of your snake with the incoming projectiles. The goal is to go as far as you can without losing all your four hearts; if you do, it will be game over. The gameplay will change a bit depending on which mode you decide to play. 

Let’s start with the Match 3 mode. As the mode indicates, each time you match three blocks of the same colour with a colour on the snake’s body, the snake’s body part will disappear and you will receive coins. In this mode, you will lose if your snake reaches his tail or if you allow meteors to reach the sphere. The difficulty will increase rather quickly as projectiles drop faster and faster.

The Adventure mode is little bit different. In this mode, you need to make sure the head of the snake reaches his tail to win the level. You will play under a variety of conditions, which are: Earth - where the projectiles come at you in a straight line; Water – where the meteorites swerve rather slowly; Wind - here the swerve is faster; Fire – which comes from a specific angle, stops half way through, then shoots up or down super fast; Ghost – here the projectiles disappear from their trajectory for a second or two (really fun, this one). You can choose to play on the earth only, or you can choose to play on each the four elements (wind, fire, water and ghost) if you want too.  

You can also play with a friend on the same pc in the Versus mode.

With the coins you collect, you can unlock snake skins, which is really fun and adds some variety.

Graphically, the game is well done and the soundtrack is good, too.


+ Nice graphics
+ Great concept
+ Different modes of play and skins to unlock
+ Fun, challenging and addictive game play.
+ Good price point
+ Trading cards (coming soon)


- No achievements
- A bit repetitive

Review Summary

I really like this concept and the price is right!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10