Helen's Mysterious Castle


What do we know about Helen? Well, she is a young girl of few words, she can’t read but loves a good steak! Helen’s true forte is bravery. She will embark on an epic journey, fighting enemies twice her size in exciting dungeons. Are you ready to play Helen’s Mysterious Castle? I knew you would be!

Helen’s Mysterious Castle is an RPG maker game where you will take the protagonist “Helen” into mazes and dungeons on a floating Island.

The game will start in a cute cottage where Helen lives with her brother, Ardis. Our heroin can’t read at this stage and does not speak either. She has been advised by her brother not to venture into the northern ruins as they are full of dangers. Well, what did she do? Exactly the opposite. She picked up a longbow and started her perilous journey.

As she progresses into her journey, she will encounter a vast number of enemies, such as Orcs, Slimes, Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies, Griffiths, Harpy and many more. However, her first real challenge is to defeat the demon king and his four henchmen – Lord of Darkness, Lord of Poison, Lord of Paralysis and Lord of Silence. Be prepared for epic battles! 

A battle will start as soon as Helen touches an enemy. Depending on how far along you are in the game, you might have a selection of weapons (melee and range), magic spells (from books) and protective gears to choose from. The fighting mechanisms are very simple and easy to use. When Helen wins a battle, she is awarded experience points which you can use to upgrade weapons, spells and armour. Later on, Helen will be able to receive upgrades at the local blacksmith, too. Make sure you talk to all characters within the town when you reach that stage to progress further into the story. A quick tip for you - Helen will come across sparkling waters from time to time; these waters will regenerate her health when she drinka it. Also, make sure to break all pots you see laying around; some of them have additional health points hiding in them. Chesta and books (spells) can also be found in the dungeons.

I am absolutely amazed at how good this game is, and pleasantly surprised at its price point, at only $2. Fabulous content and re-playability.

Nice graphics and simple combat mechanism. However, you will reach a point where the fights are too easy to win, in my opinion.


+ Nice graphics
+ Large number of enemies
+ Good dungeons
+ Fun, addictive and good re-playability
+ Great price
+ Trading cards


- Easy to win a battle in the latest stage of the game
- No achievements

Review Summary

A fantastic RPG maker game at a sensational price. A must have!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10