What would you do if you were handed the reins of a country? How would you react or deal with ongoing crises? Would you create good relations with your neighbouring countries or just invade them? That will be your decision to make in Realpolitiks!

Realpolitiks is a strategy game where you can choose any country at all in which to play.

If you are not familiar with this type of game, I strongly suggest that you run the three tutorials, which will give you a good insight on how the economy, diplomacy, war, resources, events and the almighty nuclear weapons work. 

Then you can choose between three types of scenarios with eight primary countries to choose from. However, you can pick any country in the world to play. From here, you are truly in charge of the faith of your country. The idea is to select projects that could be beneficial to your country, from economic projects, to military, to internal politics, to mention a few. If you are not sure what to do, the game will guide you through the tasks selection tab. When you achieve a specific task, you will be rewarded either by money, action points or both. The important aspect in this game is to produce and deliver relevant projects for your country to be awarded additional money, action points and growth. Remember, you will need a certain amount of money and action points to activate a new project. As a leader, you will be able to influence relations with both bordering countries and distant ones too. If you manage to build up your relationship with other countries, you will be able to invite them into your block (alliance).

The other option is to send spies into other countries to damage your relationship (reputation), demoralise their troops, sabotage plants/buildings/projects, influence their politic system and more. If relations between you and another country hit rock bottom, you will be able to invade them. In that case, you can choose between several phases of operations to attempt to take over their land.

Random world events will also occur during the gameplay, as well as conflicts between superpowers, and you will have to choose which one of these superpowers to support. There are several statistic tabs which are very helpful.

Graphically, you see a polished world map with airplanes flying around and ships travelling from one sea to another. By the way, I really like the water effect (oceans). 


+ Possibility to play any country in the world
+ Polished world map
+ Good tutorials
+ Large selection of projects
+ Achievements


- Few scenarios
- No trading cards

Review Summary

Put yourself in the shoes of a country’s leader and deal with all aspect of Realpolitiks!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10