SportsBar VR


Hey guys, I know a fantastic bar where the atmosphere is great - good music, TVs everywhere to watch your favourite sports and plenty of games to play.  You can’t miss it! Put on your VR headset and it should be right in front of you! Come on in and let’s have fun at SportsBar VR.

SportsBar VR is a casual / sports simulation game where you immerse yourself in a virtual bar and play a variety games, the likes of which can be found in real bars and clubs.

What a cool bar we have here – there’s an old-style jukebox in the corner, several pool tables in from the bar. Oh, have a look at this! Let’s play rampball, darts, air hockey . . . what’s that? You want to play chess? Be my guest, here is a chess table and right beside it a checkers table, too. I’m off play to something else for a while.

There are fun games in this venue and the most important point is that they are easy to play with the Vive controllers. I had a few turns at pool and air hockey against online opponents and I must admit it was fun. I really like the feel of pool cane - I was surprised how realistic it was; just brilliant!

The rampball was ok; you have nine balls and if you reckon you’re a top baller, show us how to get nine hundred points with nine balls – I’d love to see that!  The darts game was ok, too, but I personally did not like the feel when you throw the darts; you either throw them too softly or too hard, the motion is not quite there in my opinion. I was better at throwing darts at the balloons and seeing them fly into the air! As for the air hockey, that was good too, as I mentioned above, but it took me a while to get properly used to the mallet - it could be a little bit smoother.

There are also objects that you can pick up to throw at people, or even build a house of chairs, books, dominos or cans of beer. Yes, there are bottles of beer that you can smash against the wall, but I prefer to juggle with them!

You’ll receive presents too; how nice is that? With these you came customize how people see you online. There is also the option to upload your own music.

SportsBar is graphically polished.  The controls with the pool game are great but need to be better for the darts and the rampball in my opinion.  The atmosphere is spot on and now I can go to a bar without leaving home - safer and healthier. 


+ Polished Graphics
+ Several games to play
+ Great atmosphere
+ Achievements


- Controls could be better in some games
- No trading cards

Review Summary

The bar atmosphere is well done. Are you ready for a game of pool, darts, chess and more? Take your pick, mate - we’ll be waiting for you!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10