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G'day Ladies & Gents
I am a lifetime gaming enthusiast. I have been hooked on gaming ever since 1972 when the first Pong was released. Gaming has come a long way since then and as a gamer, I evolved with it. I am a PC Gamer to the core. I am a married man in his early 50's, I have been with my lovely wife for 31 years and have 4 children and 5 grandsons. who also share my passion for gaming. It is my Honor to serve all the people here @Zeepond
Piston Smashed™
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Hey there, I'm snoof, a young Aussie bloke who has been playing video games since as far back as I can remember. I have always had a passion for motorsport and up until a couple of years ago the only games I would play would be racing titles, any and every type of racing game/simulator I've probably played at some point. Since returning to Australia after a few years in the UAE I have dedicated most of my spare time to Counter-Strike, and I'm loving it.
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