G’day everybody,

face of cpt froggyMany moons ago, I received an exceptional gift from my parents for Xmas. It was a state of the art console - the mighty “Atari 2600!” Since then, I have being hooked on gaming! As a teenager I worked in a game shop after school and during holidays, selling Megadrive, Nintendo, NeoGeo and PC games. I have seen the gaming industry develop into the immense platform that it is today.

My path took me in different directions but my passion for gaming continued to grow. Then “Battlefield Vietnam” came along and from that day I became “THE CPT FROGGY!”

Several years ago, I discovered “STEAM”, a sensational platform where you can purchase games and directly download the content into your HD. Then I started collecting virtual cards.

This prompted me to create THE CPT FROGGY CLUB group on Steam where I hold various giveaways to promote new and current titles with great success!

I am so glad and thankful to all the incredible people who use their exceptional creative talents to develop an idea into a game. Whether you like action, adventure, strategy, puzzles or first person shooter games, on whichever platform you use, these people create a place for us to escape when we need to.


Here I will publish reviews and offer exclusive giveaways for members, helping Developers/Publishers to promote their games. I will feature games, create awareness on Steam as well as through my social networks, and more, as ZEEPOND will develop every day! So let’s connect . . . Developers, Publishers and, of course, you . . . the GAMERS!

To all, I welcome you to the home of THE CPT FROGGY… WELCOME TO ZEEPOND (as in, THE POND, pronounced with a French accent)!
My Warmest Regards,


A French/Aussie who is a passionate gamer