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About Mad Father

On the eve of the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya reminisces about the past. With the desire to celebrate with her father, Aya asks her father who readily agrees before sending her to bed. But the hope is quickly shattered when her father’s scream shakes Aya from her sleep. Aya dashes out in hopes to find her father, only to find her house littered with corpses and other horrors. Will the dead engulf Aya? Will she escape with the manor’s assistant, Maria? Or will she save her father from the unknown horrors?

This is an exploration based horror adventure game.

Take control of protagonist Aya, making use of the items you find as you proceed through the story.

Game Details

Sen | The Miscreant's Room
Release Date:
23 September 2016

Gameplay Modes

Single Player




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